• Step Nine ~ Contacting Other Researchers

    Genealogy is an increasingly popular hobby thanks mainly to the numerous television programmes on the subject. It is possible that other people are researching the same ancestors as you, so it’s a good idea to make contact with them to share information, certificates and even photographs. You will be amazed to see how much family resemblance you can see in a photograph of a distant relative. Perhaps your new found contact may be able to name the unidentified people in your photographs.

    The Surname Directory lists the surnames and their localities, which members of this site are researching.

    You can also upload a GEDCOM of your family tree to this site’s GEDCOM Database and search to see if other members are researching the same individuals as you.

    Other sites you can use for making contacts are Genes Reunited, Lost Cousins, Curious Fox and Genealogists' Forum.

    One word of advice though. Don’t take the information received from others at face value. You do not know how thorough they have been in their research. Therefore it is advisable to confirm this information yourself before you put it all onto your tree.

    Social media
    As well as using the forums for making contact with potential relatives, there are more and more blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds coming online all the time which can give you ideas of other places to look for information.

    DNA projects
    Using DNA testing is becoming more and more popular for potential genealogical matches as the prices have come down. The following site has gathered together a comprehensive collection of links and resources which will tell you all you need to know!