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    Attachment 13703The most common type of school records available are Admission Registers and Log Books.

    Admission Registers usually include the name of the child, date of birth, details of parents/guardians and the date of admission.

    Sometimes, a discharge date can be found alongside the admission details, although generally, there are separate Discharge Registers, recording the date for leaving and the reason.

    Log Books provide details of the school's 'daily life'. It is rare to find the names of pupils mentioned in these, although on occasions, possibly in the event of prize-giving ceremonies, names of pupils may be listed.

    School records such as Headmaster's Punishment Books are closed records, but School Registers are available to the public. Surviving registers can be found at the Local Studies Library or Record Office for the area the school was sited.

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    Attachment 13704

    An example of a school admission register

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