Looking through some old photo's I found this one of my Grandad and other soldiers in WWII. He has written names on the back and I have uploaded it to this blog in case any of their ancestors may be interested.

I cannot find out where exactly Immendoff was, I believe my Grandad was stationed in France and the Eindhoven areas. I do not think this has anything to do with the Immendorf camp in Poland, but I know he was at some time in contact with Italian Prisoners of War, as one of such men made pencil drawings from photo's of my Nan and Mum, which we still have.

The top row in order from left to right as we see them are

Eddie Hibbs Harry Watson Ernie Austin

Frederick Carden with Moff the dog on his lap Albert (the cook) Harold Hawkin
(my Grandad)

The actual original photo is much smaller than the one I have uploaded but if anyone should want a copy please contact me via this site if there are any problems snagging the photo.

Please note this is a family photo and whilst I am happy to share it with anyone who is interested in the research of any of the names mentioned, it would be common decency for anyone wishing to use it any other way to contact me first.