Alfred George Howe was born in (Lampton) Staines district 14th Jan 1913 and died in Swansea Wales in 1988.
He was the son of Charles William Howe and Ruth Ann Shaw. Ruth died in 1918 of Spanish flu and Alf, as the youngest child was sent to live with relatives in Wales.
Through research I believe he married Violet Richards 1915-1991 and think they had 2 children.
My Nan was 10 when her mother, Ruth died and helped her father bring up her younger sibings, Charlie and Alice, however she always wondered what had happened to her brother and spoke of him regularly. Obviously my Nan is no longer alive, although she did manage to live to 96, I would still be interested if anyone had any knowledge of my Great Uncle and what he did in his life. He has nephews and neices still alive who are also interested in their family.
If anyone has any information or ideas, please can they respond by the message service within this site or this blog if no living people are identified. Thank you