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  1. Robert Bernard Patrick Bryant (Pat) b1911 Cardiff d1943 - lost family

    This is my mother's beloved older brother who was killed in the Second World War.

    As well as being here for my family and FTF to refer to, I hope this blog will serve to help any of Pat's ? surviving family, who might find it on the web. I have a lot of information on his ancestors and family of origin which am willing to share. I have omitted the name of his ? children in case they are still alive.

    Thanks, as ever, to dedicated FTF members who helped with this research. ...

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  2. Thomas Coull born c 1800 married to Caroline Emily Roberts - elusive origins

    My link to the Coull family is via the marriage of Eleanor Butcher, born 1838 St Pancras, to William Coull in 1859. This changed the direction of her life from that of a milliner in Islington to emigration to New Zealand with her ailing husband and his 2 brothers in 1871.

    The 3 brothers, already established in the printing and publishing trade, went on to thrive in Dunedin, New Zealand. I am in touch with a direct descendant of William’s brother, Thomas. He has confirmed this ...

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  3. 33. All's well

    It all started when OH Mary, having been very unwell during the summer culminating with a great deal of pain round the midriff and nausea and saw our GP on 7th September. She was diagnosed as probably suffering from gall-stones and the doctor arranged an ultra-sound scan of her upper abdomen at Wycombe General Hospital.

    The scan was made in the morning of 13th and in the afternoon our GP unexpectedly called at our house as she had obtained the result and wanted to tell us, ...
  4. Familty History Information.

    Hi Everyone I have written Information on Family History and would like to share it with all of you.
    Take a look at these story: Family Search -India Marriages,1792-1848,India Births and Baptisms,1786-1947 Quazen , Family search - India Marriages,1792-1948,India Births and Baptisms,1786-1947 Quazen .
    George T Saviel
    18 March 2011

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  5. Family History Information.

    Hi everyone I have written some blogs that has information on family history I would like to share them with you all
    These are some of my blogs : Family History Information- The Channel Islands and The Isle of Man ,Family History Information-arranging The Interview Quazen,Saviel Family,, I.G.I Individual Record for George Savile., http//, Civil Registration in England and Wales-Gro Indexes ...
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