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  1. first blog

    hi everyone

    I have been doing research for over 25 years and had more than my fair share of frustation like every one.
    At the start i was given some good advice never dismiss anything as it could be a good clue make a note and refer back later, the friend said she was told get to your oldest living relative and ask question (not always direct ones as they usually like to be private) ask where they played as a child good clue as to area.

    She asked her grandmother ...
  2. Youell family:Norfolk-worldwide

    I have researched my Youell ancestors back to Joseph Youell (1780-1836)and Sarah Easter.
    As other members of the Youell family have probably experienced I have found ancestors under various guises. Yonell, Yowell etc.
    My direct line is from Joseph and Sarahs son William Youell (1807-1882), he married Eliza Hall and later moved to Leicestershire and then on to London.
    Their grandchildren were in the main born in London or home counties and it appears that within this generation ...
  3. Family History Information.

    Hi everyone I have written some blogs that has information on family history I would like to share them with you all
    These are some of my blogs : Family History Information- The Channel Islands and The Isle of Man ,Family History Information-arranging The Interview Quazen,Saviel Family,, I.G.I Individual Record for George Savile., http//, Civil Registration in England and Wales-Gro Indexes ...
  4. Familty History Information.

    Hi Everyone I have written Information on Family History and would like to share it with all of you.
    Take a look at these story: Family Search -India Marriages,1792-1848,India Births and Baptisms,1786-1947 Quazen , Family search - India Marriages,1792-1948,India Births and Baptisms,1786-1947 Quazen .
    George T Saviel
    18 March 2011

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  5. My First Blog

    Hi everyone, Don't really know how to do this but I'm wanting to find anyone in the Uk with the surnames Ashton and Troy. My late dad, George Ashton was born in Liverpool, married my mother Peggy Troy and they lived in Swansea, where I was born. I live in South Africa now and would like to fill in gaps in our Family Tree.

    My dad was born, probably, in the late 1920s and my mother, (full name Margaret Rose Troy) was born in the 1930s. I have a brother, Eric John and two sisters, Patricia ...
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