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  1. Story Tellers and my O'Neill Family History from Cork to Tipperary

    Story telling is a live art which does not rely on stories being learnt by heart and then regurgitated. A story telling performance can be affected by the mood of an audience, the amount of time you have to tell your story, the time of day and lighting can all change the mood. The audience is the inherent part of the success of a story telling session. The audience is not passive, but will be playing a part in the story told. I watched my own children become engrossed in stories I told and read, ...

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  2. My hidden tribes

    Hello all of you keen family historians.

    I am looking for any information on the following;

    John Wilkinson-convict sent to Australia
    David Burn-Irish convict sent to Australia
    Shervey-Shepton Mallet
    Leighton-Craigie Sct
    Findlay-Montrose Sct
    Power- Irish convict sent to Australia

    Many thanks in advance
  3. Helen Coull born 1796 Elgin - possible link to Dr Thomas Coull

    This research has been to find a link between Dr Thos Coull and ? cousin, Helen Coull. Special thanks go to FTF member, Moggie, for her interest and help.

    The quest began after a link was suggested in The History of Antigua Vol 1 by Oliver:

    Extract: 'A Dr Coull (he seems to have been a well-known Medical Man, as I see the name quoted in an old medical work). His daughter was a famous ...

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  4. Mary Winifred Andrews nee Bryant (Winnie) b1916 Cardiff - missing daughters

    As with her brother, Pat Bryant, I hope this blog might find her daughters, who were taken care of by relatives after the death of their parents (from TB). Contact between them and my family was lost - they could have been adopted. I have had to omit their names in case they are still alive.

    I have a lot of information about the Bryant ancestors and family.

    Thanks as always to FTF members who helped with research and photo restoration:


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  5. Robert Bernard Patrick Bryant (Pat) b1911 Cardiff d1943 - lost family

    This is my mother's beloved older brother who was killed in the Second World War.

    As well as being here for my family and FTF to refer to, I hope this blog will serve to help any of Pat's ? surviving family, who might find it on the web. I have a lot of information on his ancestors and family of origin which am willing to share. I have omitted the name of his ? children in case they are still alive.

    Thanks, as ever, to dedicated FTF members who helped with this research. ...

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