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  1. Grandfather ??

    My Grandfather Robert Davies was killed in the first word war, so my dad never knew
    much about him, then he lost his mother at 4 yrs old, brought up by his maternal grandmother who passed away when he was 13, We have been trying for years to
    trace my grandfather (Robert) with out any sucess. The info we have is from his marriage licence and what little remain of his army records. He was born in Birmingham
    about 1885 he had two brothers (at least) who came up to Manchester with ...
  2. Am I related to Don Cockell?

    When my mum met my dad in 1956, he told her that he was related to the Boxer Don Cockell, but as far as I know he never told her how they were related, all I have to go on is that dad was born in Battersea and there are Blacksmiths in his ancestral line. Don Cockell was a Blacksmith.

    Dads parents Frederick Charles Potter and Lily Howell married in 1919 and lived at 10 Latchmere Street, where my dad was born.
    Frederick dad George Potter born in 1861 was a Blacksmith Hammerman. ...
  3. catherine noon nee obrien

    Quote Originally Posted by julip View Post
    Could anyone help me find out what happened to Catherine Noon nee Obrien . She was born in 1886 in Dunbar ,East Lothian , Scotland. She married John William Noon in 1906 in Dunbar. She had two children Minnie and Bessie Nora ,lived in Kinghorn Fife Scotland ,and then seemed to disappear. No trace on Scots People.
    Much obliged for any info.Husband died 1958 Dirleton, East Lothian Scotland
  4. Story Tellers and my O'Neill Family History from Cork to Tipperary

    Story telling is a live art which does not rely on stories being learnt by heart and then regurgitated. A story telling performance can be affected by the mood of an audience, the amount of time you have to tell your story, the time of day and lighting can all change the mood. The audience is the inherent part of the success of a story telling session. The audience is not passive, but will be playing a part in the story told. I watched my own children become engrossed in stories I told and read, ...

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