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  1. Bricking it ...............

    Well, what can I say ...............

    I saw one of those briquette makers on local freecyle, so trying to reduce the rising cost of heating fuel asked if I could have it.

    Have spent many hours shredding (by hand) old newspapers etc, scrounged an unused plastic dustbin and left it outside until a third full of rainwater and then emptied a binbag full of newspaper into it ........... several days later it's all mushy and ready to be made into bricks.


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  2. Springwatch ....


    Don't get as much done as I should when at home, as I spend a lot of time watching the antics of the birds etc.

    The blue tits and great tits have raised their young and left their nests. The young wrens in one of the outbuildings are starting to fly now. We're frequently dive-bombed by swallows as they fly past and my car is covered in bird sh*t - thankfully most of it was washed off by the rain yesterday.

    A pied wagtail is bobbing up and

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