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  1. Sister of Mercy: Catherine Sophia Lissa Woodley

    Whilst researching my wider family I found, Catherine Sophia Lissa Woodley, a very distant ancestor, born Brockley, Kent on 12 Dec 1870 and a probate record indicated that she died at St George's Retreat Ditchling Sussex on 5 Dec 1925, showing she left less than £10.
    For some reason, I just felt I wanted to follow up her story, I am so glad I did.

    Catherine's parents were Robert and Maria Woodley and my link to her came via her Great Grandparents and my 3 x G/Grandparents ...
  2. Immendoff Camp photo WWII date 20/8/1945

    Looking through some old photo's I found this one of my Grandad and other soldiers in WWII. He has written names on the back and I have uploaded it to this blog in case any of their ancestors may be interested.

    I cannot find out where exactly Immendoff was, I believe my Grandad was stationed in France and the Eindhoven areas. I do not think this has anything to do with the Immendorf camp in Poland, but I know he was at some time in contact with Italian Prisoners of War, as one of ...
  3. A mystery solved: A big thank you

    Many of you on this forum, have unwittingly been caught up in the Merry go Round, that has been my search for information on my Great Grandfather, George Arthur Perry. Even the mention of his name probably is enough to give you the vapours. It certainly does me.

    The mystery has been solved, although I am sure this is not the end of his story, and I thought you may be interested in the outcome.

    As you may recall, I started out 6 or 7 years ago, with very vague recollections ...
  4. Alfred George Howe 1914-1988

    Alfred George Howe was born in (Lampton) Staines district 14th Jan 1913 and died in Swansea Wales in 1988.
    He was the son of Charles William Howe and Ruth Ann Shaw. Ruth died in 1918 of Spanish flu and Alf, as the youngest child was sent to live with relatives in Wales.
    Through research I believe he married Violet Richards 1915-1991 and think they had 2 children.
    My Nan was 10 when her mother, Ruth died and helped her father bring up her younger sibings, Charlie and Alice, ...
  5. Youell family:Norfolk-worldwide

    I have researched my Youell ancestors back to Joseph Youell (1780-1836)and Sarah Easter.
    As other members of the Youell family have probably experienced I have found ancestors under various guises. Yonell, Yowell etc.
    My direct line is from Joseph and Sarahs son William Youell (1807-1882), he married Eliza Hall and later moved to Leicestershire and then on to London.
    Their grandchildren were in the main born in London or home counties and it appears that within this generation ...
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