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  1. Possible living Brandon Cousins....still looking for......

    I am still trying to find possible living first/second cousins. They are the descendants of my uncle Samuel Brandon born 1894 in Manchester. Samuel married Gladys Smith Chorlton Manchester, in 1920. It is likely most of his issue are no longer with us but there may be second cousins out there, who I would dearly love to know about.
    I believe Samuel may have died about 1960/61 but I have no knowledge of where he was residing at that time. As I am the youngest of (goodness knows how ...
  2. Tyson..........Manchester

    I am looking for anyone connected to the Tyson family line in the Manchester area (or beyond if applicable)........Possibly even anyone connected in France (long shot I know!) I am aware that WHT did have siblings, whom it appears, remained in France.

    William Henry Tyson born 1829 St Omer Calais France was a British Subject who returned to England (presumably where his parents may have originated from), around about 1860. He married Martha Chandler Born Liverpool in 1841, in 1861 at ...
  3. Too late my hero

  4. Our three baby boys

    Received 3 death certificates this week for my late mother's brothers who all died in infancy.
    it's taken me almost 4 years to get round to sending for them but glad I did.
    Being so young herself when they were babies, mum had convinced herself, somewhere along the line that they had all died due to meningitis through least that's what she always told us, God bless her.

    It turns out that William Charles born in 1912 died at 4 months of age with Pertussis ...