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  1. Lennon's are annoying.

    It's a fact. As you know I've been told by Scots Family in an email that Mary Lennon had 6 children but I've only found 4:

    Edward- 1912 (We were close Angelina, extremely close!!)
    Sarah- 1914 (Possibly because the 1911 didn't match, unless it's Edward's twin or the 1913 one)
    Cecilia- 1922/1985
    Jane (Ginny) -1929/1994

    I've just got of the phone to Granddad and he cannot remember any other children so either I was given incorrect information or the children ...
  2. Explosion of fire damp at a bore hole

    18th July 1862,
    Steveson Colliery,
    Aged 45.

    Death listed as Mine Inspectors Report.

    From Main body of report: This accident took place at a borehole which the deceased and other workmen were in the act of putting down from the "waste" of the "five-quarter" coal to prove the position and quality of the seams underlying. The depth of the bore from the pavement of this seam was about 11 fathoms.

    It would appear that, on the day ...

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  3. Granddad's War..

    War, it’s a terrible thing, one that has caught many of us within its grasp and never let go. Soon it will be the 100th Anniversary of the 1st world war and for the majority of us, it will be a time of remembrance for those of us that lost their Ancestors or those that fought in the war and lived to tell the tale.

    The same can be said for the 2nd world war, however many of those amazing fighters are still alive today and without them we wouldn’t be where we are now.

  4. A Wealth of Information.

    I’m only 21 and yet since the age of 14 I’ve been saying tomy Mum- I’m going to find out about our family! I’m going to trace them so thatI know where I come from, what makes me, well me. Every year would be the samething, I’d get a notepad and write my Grandparents details out and that wouldbe as far as I got before giving up again.

    Now, now I’ve found a weather ofinformation thanks to one little detail- a random little search to get some details

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