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Research Offers & Requests: Guidelines


  • Research Offers & Requests: Guidelines

    Research Offers/Volunteers

    Members who have offered to do lookups or take photographs in certain locations will often post a message in the Research Offers forum or add their names to the following pages in the Site Projects section of the Reference Library.

    Initial contact should be via PM (personal message) - click on the member's name in the listing to send a message.

    Members who are about to visit Record Offices or other locations, may post a message in the Research Offers forum. Click here for further instructions.

    If you would like to volunteer to do Records Office & Cemetery lookups or take photographs, please add the details in the comments box at the bottom of the relevant Research Offer page and someone will add the information to the appropriate list.

    Please be aware that software licences for CDs and similar resources generally state that they may only be used for personal or private research - therefore offers of lookups from such resources may infringe copyright. For this reason the purpose of these forums is only to offer assistance at certain locations.

    Research Requests

    If you cannot find any volunteers listed in your area, you can post a specific request in the Research Requests forum. Click here for further information.

    Requests for help in using resources which are available online should be posted in the Family History Research forum.

    Terms and Conditions

    By requesting a lookup, or photograph, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as laid out below:

    • Volunteers are under no obligation to provide timescales for lookups or guarantee results.
    • Volunteers may remove their services at any time.
    • If you contact more than one volunteer, make sure each knows that the other has been asked.
    • If the information comes to you before you hear from the volunteer, make sure to cancel your request.
    • There is no limit to how many volunteers any county may have. If you wish to have your name added, please let us know.
    • Abuse of the voluntary lookup process will be reported to the moderation team for appropriate action.
    • Please be realistic when requesting a lookup or photograph and try to provide as much information as possible: What does the volunteer need to know?

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