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  • Home Page
    by Caroline

    Family Tree Forum was founded in September 2006. Our primary aim is to provide a site where our members can research and socialise in a safe, friendly and helpful environment. Registration is free, and our members are dedicated to assisting all genealogists, whether they are beginners or experienced researchers.

    Please be aware that despite the name, we are not a forum specifically for FTDNA or the software Family Tree Maker, although our members may well be able...
    06-03-20, 11:54
  • Getting Started Guide
    by Caroline
    The Family Tree Forum Guide to Getting Started with your family history contains step by step advice with links to useful resources on our site, and elsewhere online, together with further pages of advice written by our members.

    These include guides to the main areas of research such as census returns and certificates as well as some visual guides and case...
    04-03-20, 09:22
  • Test page
    by Elaine ..Spain
    Can only be seen by the FTF team.

    .... for playing!

    02-12-13, 13:43
  • Not just genealogy!
    by Caroline

    Even though Family Tree Forum is a genealogical forum, the help and advice on offer is not just for research and possible useful resources.

    Just because people have found their way to the site and are confident in navigating the World Wide Web does not mean that they are confident in using the computer or their installed programs. Often they find it difficult to find their way round the genealogical software which they bought when they started out. ...
    09-02-10, 13:43
  • Searching for Surnames
    by Caroline
    As a registered member you have access to the GEDCOM Database of surnames added by members. Although it is not possible to view your names in a tree diagram, it is a very useful tool for finding contacts on the site. Searches are possible using any combination of First Name, Surname, Place of Birth and Year of Birth. Members can also increase the effectiveness of the database by uploading their own GEDCOM files. Most genealogists spend hours and hours 'googling' for the surnames in their tree t...
    09-02-10, 10:07
  • The Magazine
    by Caroline
    The Family Tree Online Magazine was written and put together by the members of The Family Tree Forum. Since the first issue of the magazine in August 2007, over 500 articles were contributed by 135 members to the 30 editions. Initially, the magazine was publshed monthly and from August 2009 until November 2010, when we started Volume Three, editions appeared quarterly. A wide variety of topics is covered in the magazine. Most articles are drawn from the authors' own research into interesting relatives who they have come across, others are inspired by questions posed in the forums. ...
    09-02-10, 10:07