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Irish Social and Political History




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  • General Historical Resources
    by Caroline
    Our ancestors (like us) were shaped by the world they lived in and the sudden movement of a family, for example, from their birthplace to another part of the country could be explained by what was happening in the wider world.

    The resources in this section will help you to find out about the history of the times in which your ancestors lived. Where possible, they have been grouped together in separate articles. A miscellany of resources can be found on this page.

    The Family...
    07-03-20, 11:41
  • Glass & Bottlemaking: Occupations
    by Elaine ..Spain
    A brief description of occupations found in glass bottlemaking, generally carried out by men.

    • Ballmaker: Would dip a hollow rod into the molten glass and make it into a ball to pass to the blower.
    • Bottle blower: Takes the rod and blows air in to inflate the gather.
    • Bottlemaker: Forms the rim on the bottle.
    • Finisher Off: Blows the glass till it cools in a mould. The blower or finisher off would not
    05-01-12, 12:27
  • Irish Social and Political History
    by Caroline
    This page gives you some resources for finding out more about Irish History. ...
    05-02-10, 09:51
  • Jewish History
    by Caroline
    A guide to resources available for tracing members of the Jewish faith. ...
    04-02-10, 16:11
  • Weights, Measures, Money and Time
    by Caroline
    A collection of resources to answer many questions about old money, measures and calendars. ...
    04-02-10, 15:43
  • Sport
    by Caroline
    This page holds a collection of resources relating to the history and playing of many sports. You may well find leads which will help you trace the amateur and professional sportsmen and women in your tree. ...
    04-02-10, 14:53