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  • Publishing your research in book format
    by Elaine ..Spain
    At some time or other most of us wonder how we can pass our research on to others. What better way of doing it than creating a book.
    Wulliam, one of our members, has created a book using Blurb and has shared his ideas which will hopefully inspire others to do something similar.

    The Family History of Anna & James Cumming
    by W. Cumming

    Cover photo taken by Ed Miller

    05-03-13, 14:47
  • Backing up your Files
    by Elaine ..Spain
    Many people devote lots of time and money researching family history but pay little regard to storing data safely. Protecting your data by creating backup files is vital. If you do not have a backup file and suffer a major computer problem you could lose ALL your data. A proper system of backup files is an absolute must and takes less than five minutes a week to manage.

    Backup FAQ

    Why should I backup data?
    • If no backup files are made then ALL data
    18-08-10, 07:48
  • GEDCOM Troubleshooter
    by Elaine ..Spain
    Because every program handles data differently, exporting and importing data via a GEDCOM does not always transfer data as expected. These small mismatches most commonly occur when an old program and a newer program are involved. You may find that the import or export options of your software may need to be changed, please consult the instructions/help section for your software to verify how to change your import/export options. Tags, fields and character sets are the most common causes of a...
    17-08-10, 18:06
  • Example GEDCOM file
    by Elaine ..Spain
    A GEDCOM file was never intended to be read as a text file, there are a whole jumble of letters numbers and codes within them. Unless you have details of what each item means and where it fits then it is best to use a GEDCOM as originally intended, that is to exchange information between computers. The following text is the file for just three individuals, (a married couple and their daughter), the file does not even include all the dates for births, marriages and deaths, some notes and r...
    16-08-10, 13:34
  • Caring for your Resources
    by Elaine ..Spain
    The following pointers should help to preserve your resources in good condition.

    Paper documents
    • Ensure hands are clean and dry, use thin cotton gloves to protect documents from grease/dirt
    • Keep documents flat if possible, avoid folding
    • Avoid frequent handling
    • Make sure documents are clean before storing - remove staples, paper clips etc.
    • Store in acid free folders/boxes
    • Store in a clean/dry/dark/well ventilated environment, avoiding
    16-08-10, 12:42
  • GEDCOMs Explained
    by Elaine ..Spain
    GEDCOM files

    What are they and when do you need to use them?
    • GEDCOM is an acronym for GEnealogical Data COMmunication
    • A GEDCOM is a standard method used to format your family tree data into a text file. The file is written in a code and a genealogy software program is used to read and convert the coded text file. The Church of The Latter Day Saints originally developed the GEDCOM format in the mid 1980s and the format has been updated several times since it was introduced.
    • Typically
    16-08-10, 09:20