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  • Gibraltar


    Gibraltar is little more than a rocky out crop, the home of the famous Barbary apes that frequent the ‘Rock’. It is a self-governing British colony, situated on a small, narrow peninsula at the southern edge of Spain. Claimed by the British in 1713, today it is an important air base for British Forces, also including a major Naval Base.

    Gibraltar Map: source Wikipedia

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  • Irish Research

    Irish Research

    The first steps for Irish research are similar to English research regarding photographs, talking to relatives etc. Discover when your folk emigrated. This may give clues as to why they emigrated. Join a Historical Society though not all counties have them. Tracing Irish ancestors means knowing more than just Ireland. Trying to find Michael Murphy, Ireland will be impossible, finding Michael Murphy, County Cork will be a fraction easier. Knowing he came from Fermoy, Cork County, will give you a ...
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  • Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland, which forms part of the United Kingdon, is situated in the north east part of Ireland, bordering the Republic of Ireland to the west and south.

    Map of Northern Ireland: source Wikipedia

    Capital - Belfast

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  • Republic of Ireland

    Republic of Ireland

    Before the last ice-age, there was no Irish Sea, English Channel or North Sea, Europe was all one land mass and the fairly sparse population was of European origin . The encroaching ice pushed out most humans although one or two tribes may have held out on the West Coast of Ireland where the gulf stream raised the temperature, probably to something like Alaska's today. After the ice-age, about 10,000 years ago, the melting ice caps raised the sea level and created the present islands which were ...
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  • Scotland


    From the famous St Andrews golf course, to romantic castles steeped in history, via whisky distilleries and the famous Loch Ness monster, Scotland is a country of diverse scenery in rugged countryside. It is also known for its famous haggis, the recipe for which varies, but is made using a sheep's stomach bag filled with a mixture of sheep's offal, oatmeal, suet, stock, onions and spices.

    Capital Edinburgh

    Patron Saint St. Andrew

    Currency Pound sterling ...
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  • Wales


    Although English is the everyday language for most of the inhabitants of Wales, thanks to the efforts of many dedicated people, the Welsh language still flourishes in some parts. Welsh culture and tradition are celebrated at a festival called the National Eisteddfod, which is actually a 19th century creation, although the history of local Eisteddfods is much older. Tourism is a key employer and revenue earner for Wales, although sheep farming predominates in the mountains and moorlands, with ...
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  • Ireland


    Ireland is the third-largest island in Europe and the twentieth largest island in the world. It lies to the west of Great Britain, separated by the Irish Sea. The Republic of Ireland forms just over eighty percent of the island. Northern Ireland, which is situated in the north eastern part of the island, covers the remainder. Map of Ireland: source Wikipedia ...
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  • England


    From towns steeped in history to new towns created for the people, England has a diverse range of cultural attractions, landscapes and industries. As well as busy towns and cities England has acre after acre of open common land, woodland and agricultural land.

    England map: source Wikipedia

    Capital - London
    Patron Saint - St George
    Currency - Pound sterling

    Places of Worship
    Regional Projects Forum

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  • Isle of Man

    Isle of Man

    In the middle of the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man is not recognised as part of the United Kingdom, but rather as a self-governing British Crown Dependency. It has its own government and postal systems peculiar to the island. Although farming and fishing are main industries, tourism is also considered an important industry. The annual TT races bring a lot of income to the island.

    Resources ...
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  • Isle of Wight

    Isle of Wight

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  • The British Isles Index
    by Caroline
    The British Isles are a group of islands situated off the northwest coast of Europe.

    They include Great Britain, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Crown Dependencies of the Isle of Man, as well as 6,000+ smaller islands.

    You will find links to resources for general interest along with links to specific countries. Each country's page has links to pages which contain resources specific...
    07-03-20, 13:37
  • Whitwell
    by Barbara Dodds

    ​Whitwell is a parish in the north east corner of Derbyshire, on the borders with both Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. It has at various times been classed as being a Nottinghamshire village. It consists of the hamlets of Steetley, Belph and Bakestone Moor and the villages of Hodthorpe and Whitwell. ...
    12-08-10, 18:44
  • Northchurch
    by Elaine ..Spain
    Northchurch, a parish in the Bulbourne valley in Hertfordshire, was once a village in its own right but has now become almost enveloped in Berkhamsted.

    The Parish Church of St. Mary is one of the oldest in Hertfordshire, believed to date from Saxon times. The church holds copies of the parish registers, dating back to the mid 1600s, which can be viewed by appointment. Nowadays people are rarely buried in the churchyard. There is a cemetery in New Road, Northchurch, which has been used since WW1. ...
    10-08-10, 08:36
  • Berkhamsted
    by Elaine ..Spain
    ​​Berkhamsted is a historic market town in west Hertfordshire. The name of the town has been spelt in a variety of ways, including Berkhampstead, Muche Barkhamstede, Berkhamsted Magna, Great Berkhamsted and Berkhamstead.

    Berkhamsted Castle is rich in history - it was there in 1066 that Duke William of Normandy was offered the crown of England. ...
    10-08-10, 08:33
  • Peterborough
    by Caroline

    Peterborough Places of Worship
    Regional Projects Forum
    Wikipedia - Peterborough
    Peterborough Family History Society ...
    01-03-10, 11:37
  • A Case Study: The Simpsons
    by Caroline

    ScotlandsPeople was started in 2005 and took until now as I had to be patient in filling the gaps while I waited for the new records to be added to the site. Now that all the census indexes for Scotland are also available on Ancestry for 1841 through to 1901, the search would be much quicker!! The case study below gives you an idea of my search ... as the site allows you to save your searches and the images you have viewed, I did not have to purchase any extra units to re-creat...
    17-02-10, 09:40