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Visual Introduction to ScotlandsPeople


  • Visual Introduction to ScotlandsPeople

    A Case Study: The Simpsons

    Introduction to ScotlandsPeople

    There are detailed FAQs, Help and descriptions of what is available on this site, but the examples below may help you to find your way around the site.

    You can see from the front page what searches are possible. You can search and explore the site without having to pay anything until you need to view the images.It is possible to waste a great deal of money in searching for these records, but if you use the site in conjunction with the IGI on FamilySearch and the census indexes on Ancestry, you can narrow down the possibilities considerably, especially when searching for a common surname in Glasgow.

    Although the initial outlay seems expensive, in fact it works out as very reasonable when you consider the information which you can receive immediately without the wait for the postman for English certificates and the distinct possibility of having sent for the wrong one!!

    Example of images which have been viewed and those yet to be investigated

    Any search you make will be saved and you can refer back to these at any time, viewing images which you have already paid for as many times as you wish, or looking at them when funds permit.

    Example of saved searches

    What will I find?

    N.B. To respect the privacy of living people, internet access has been limited to birth records over 100 years old, marriage records over 75 years, and death records over 50 years.
    The index contains entries of Birth & Baptisms from 1553 until 1854

    The index contains entries of Banns & Marriages from 1553 until 1854

    The index contains entries of Deaths & Burials from 1538 until 1854
    The statutory Births index available on this site, covers 1855 to 2006

    The statutory Marriages index available on this site, covers 1855 to 2006

    The statutory Deaths index available on this site, covers 1855 to 2006
    Name indexes to the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 censuses for all Scotland are currently available on this site. You may also search the 1881 census by address.
    • Other Records
    Wills & Testaments 1513-1901 (free)
    Coats of Arms 1672-1907 (free)

    Catholic Parish Registers 1703-1955

    Help with searching

    This section includes information about the Free Surname Search, how Surname Variants, Forename Variants and Illegitimacy can affect the success of your search, employing Soundex and wildcards and Refining Statutory Searches.

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