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Big Book - V


  • Big Book - V

    • Valet male servant that attended a nobleman or gentleman
    • Valid that which is legal and binding.
    • Valuator who valued objects
    • Varlet a knight's attendant. A menial.
    • Vassal holder of land by feudal tenure on conditions of homage and allegiance. humble servant. (corruption of french vavasour, retainer)
    • Vatman one who put the paper pulp into the moulds in paper-making industry or worked with vats e.g. in beer and wine making
    • Vaudeville popular variety entertainment in music halls.
    • Vavasory estate of a vavasoue (see vassal)
    • Vellum fine parchment made of calfskin
    • Ven. (abbr) The Venerable - eg, title of Archdeacon
    • Venator (Venur) huntsman
    • Venesection Bleeding
    • Verderer official in charge of the royal forest
    • Verger one who worked with the priest in the running the church
    • Verge Maker one who made the spindles used in clocks and watches
    • Vero certainly, to be sure
    • Verrier glazier
    • Vestment Maker one who made the gowns worn by priests
    • Vestry administrative group within a parish; the ruling body of a church.
    • Victualler seller of food/drink
    • Vidua widow.
    • Viduus widower.
    • Viewer one who worked at the mines in a managerial capacity
    • Villein one who paid dues to the lord of the manor in return for use of the land
    • Vintager / Vineroon grape farmer, wine maker
    • Vintner/ Vinter wine merchant
    • Viper's Dance St. Vitus' Dance, chorea
    • Virginal Player player of a musical instrument similar to a harpsichord
    • Virgo used to describe an unmarried woman in English and European marriage records.
    • Visitation a visit for the purpose of making an official inspection or examination. This term was used to describe census activities.
    • Vital records birth, marriage, and death records.
    • Viz (abbrev) Namely (videlicit)
    • Vulcan blacksmith
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