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Big Book - Q


  • Big Book - Q

    • Quadroon child of a mulatto and white parentage; a child with one black grandparent.
    • Quarantine (Station) From 1728, some Customs officials - Quarantines - were given the responsibility of watching quarantine hulks anchored offshore to ensure nobody left them before their period of quarantine had expired on arriving from abroad.
    • Quarrel Picker Glazier
    • Quarrier / Quarry Man Quarry worker (!)
    • Quay Clerk Clerk who worked at a wharf or quay, and still does so today
    • Quiller Operated machinery winding yarn onto quills or spools A quill is a reed on to which the thread of the weft was wound when weaving cloth.
    • Quilter / Quiltress Quilted material
    • Quire four sheets of paper folded together in half to make eight - mediaeval manuscript. More generally a quire can be any even number of sheets folded to make a section of sheets in a document (as in book binding for example)
    • Quister Bleached articles
    • Quitclaim renunciation of right (land, in particular)
    • Quitclaim deed transfer of land or claim without guaranting a clear title.
    • Quit rent rent (usually nominal) paid by freeholder or copy holder in lieu of service.
    • Quod vide directs the reader to look in another part of the book for further information.
    • Q.v. (abbreviation) quod vide (see above).
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