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Big Book - O


  • Big Book - O

    • Ob. (abbreviation) obit, deceased
    • OB (abbreviation) order book, as in court order book
    • Obiit. (abbreviation) he or she died
    • Obit. (abbreviation) obituary
    • Occupier Tradesman
    • Oil Colour Man Employed in the paint manufacturing trade, mixing pigmented paints
    • Oilman Lamp oil seller
    • Oil Miller Miller of seed to extract oils for food manufacture. Rapeseed, cottonseed, linseed etc. Cottonseed oil was also used to lubricate the spinning mule.
    • Olitor Kitchen gardener
    • Olitory Kitchen garden
    • Olographic will A handwritten will and signed by the individual that the will belongs to.
    • On the Club This is not an occupation but is often seen in census returns. It refers the the person being out of work and drawing benefit from "the Club", which was an appropriate insurance scheme.
    • OPC online Parish Clerk
    • Oral history A collection of family stories told by a member of the family or by a close family friend.
    • Oral will (Nuncupative will) - declared or dictated by the testator in his last sickness before a sufficient number of witnesses and afterwards put in writing
    • Orderly Military batman or officer's servant
    • Ordinary Keeper Innkeeper with fixed prices
    • Orphan Child whose mother, father, or both have died.
    • Orphan asylum orphanage Home for orphans
    • Orrery Maker Made an apparatus which showed planetary movements. Named after the inventor, the Earl of Orrery
    • Orrice Weaver Designer Wove lace patterns in silk
    • Osier or Withy Peelers Peeled bark from willow stems (osiers) for basket weaving - usually done by women & children
    • Osler Bird catcher
    • Ostiary Monastery doorkeeper
    • Ostler / Hostler Originally, a Hostler was the host of an Inn or (H)ostelry. Later became the man employed to look after the horses of the visitors
    • Out Crier Auctioneer
    • Outworker Home-worker, particularly in weaving
    • Overband Leather that goes round spine of a book
    • Overlooker Overseer or foreman esp. in textile mills
    • Overman Colliery supervisor - checked the workers and coal quality
    • Overseer The officials who performed the assessment and collection of the poor-rates
    • Owler Smuggler - particularly of sheep or wool
    • Oyster Hawker Street seller of pickled oysters - 18/19th century
    • Oyster Dredger Crew member on an oyster boat
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