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Big Book - N


  • Big Book - N

    • Na. - naturalized; not applicable.
    • Nailor / Naylor 1) Made iron nails by hand 2) Maintained the teeth (nails) on the carding machine used on wool & cotton before weaving
    • Naperer / Napier Servant in charge of table linen in large houses
    • Narrow Weaver Wove ribbons, tapes etc.
    • Nata Latin born; Female
    • Naturalization records document recording the process by which an immigrant becomes a citizen
    • Natus latin born; Male
    • Navvy / Navigator / Navor Labourer on canals or railways, roads etc.
    • NBI National Burial Index
    • Neatherd /er Cowherd
    • Neats Foot Oil Dealer Neats Foot Oil is obtained by boiling the feet of cattle. It is used to render leather soft and pliable
    • Necessary Woman Servant who emptied and cleaned the chamber pots
    • Necker Fed the cardboard into box-making machinery
    • Necrosis mortification of bones or tissue
    • Nedeller Needle maker
    • Nee born, used to denote a woman's maiden name.
    • Needle Pointer 1) Filed or fettled the points in needle manufacture 2) Needlepoint craftswoman
    • Neph (abbreviation) nephew
    • Nepritis inflammation of the kidneys
    • Netter Net maker
    • Night Soilman / Nightman Emptied cesspits, ashpits and outside toilets - "middins" - usually required to work from 9pm to 5am.
    • Nightwalker Night watchman or bellman
    • Nimgimmer Doctor
    • Nipper Carter's assistant for delivery of goods
    • *** Thatcher Wig maker
    • Noon Tender Guarded quayside goods whilst officers were at lunch
    • Noterer Notary
    • Nunc. (abbreviation) -nuncupative will, oral will
    • Nuncupative will an oral will
    • Nupsit Latin married
    • Nurse Child A child being looked after by another family for payment
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