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Big Book - M


  • Big Book - M

    • M. (abbreviation) married.
    • Mab welsh for Son
    • Maderer Garlic seller
    • Mad Hatter Disease Psychosis from mercury poisoning
    • Maiden name a woman's name prior to marriage.
    • Major person who has reached legal age.
    • Majores ancestors.
    • Majority (age of majority)legal age.
    • Maker-up 1) Made up garments to order 2) Chemist 3) Agent for paraffin sales
    • Mail Agent Government appointed Agent sailing on Royal Mail Ships (RMS) to ensure the mail was "protected and handled in a proper manner"
    • Male Maker Maker of travelling bags - "males" - from the bags used by the Royal Mail
    • Malender Farmer
    • Malignant fever Typhus
    • Malignant purpuric fever Meningitis (meningococcal)
    • Malignant pustule Anthrax
    • Malignant sore throat Diphtheria
    • Maltster / Malster Brewer Made or sold malts
    • Mam-gu Welsh term for "grandmother
    • Mania a form of mental illness
    • Manchester Warehouseman/ Cotton warehouseman Manchester being the centre of the cotton industry at the time, cotton cloth was called "Manchester" cloth
    • Manciple Steward
    • Mangler Worked a mangle for wringing out water from washing
    • Mangle Keeper / Mangle Woman Woman who hired out her mangle.
    • Manor Medieval England was divided into territorial units called manors
    • Manor Courts Manor courts were held 'for lord and neighbourhood',Principal functions being the preservation of the rights of the lord, on the one hand, and the regulation of relations between tenants, on the other
    • Manorial Documents include court rolls, surveys, maps, terriers, documents and all other documents relating to the boundaries, franchises, wastes, customs or courts of a manor.
    • Manorial Documents Register (MDR) identifies the nature and location of manorial records
    • Manorial records the documents created by landed estates called manors.
    • Manse parsonage;
    • Mango Slave dealer
    • Mantle Cutter Cut out the mantles for gas lamps
    • Mantua Maker A specific type of Dressmaker.
    • Manumission the act of being released from slavery or servitude.
    • Manuscript usually unpublished family histories or collections of family papers.
    • Marasmus Malnutrition
    • Marbler Stained paper or other surfaces to look like marble
    • Marine Store Dealer Proprietor of a store selling equipment to Mariners.
    • Marita married woman, wife.
    • Maritus bridgroom, married man.
    • Marksman 1) Sharpshooter 2) Marked out land 3) One who makes a mark in place of a signature 4) A grade or degree of the Orange Order 5) One who ranges competitors in a race 6) One who superintended marking New Forest ponies
    • Marriage bond document obtained by an engaged couple prior to their marriage.
    • Marriage contract legal agreement between prospective spouses made before marriage to determine their property rights and those of their children.
    • Marriage records a marriage record contains information about a marriage between two individuals.
    • Marshall Horse doctor or shoe smith
    • Marsh fever Malaria
    • Marshman Employed by landowners to tend marshland and the animals grazing there
    • Mashmaker Made the mash-vats or "mashels" used in brewing
    • Mason Stone cutter or dresser. Bricklayer
    • Master One of the three grades of skill recognised by a Crafts Guild. Skilled tradesman, often with his own business
    • Master Lumper Contractor employing cheap labour (working on the lump)
    • Master Mariner Ship's officer qualified to take command of a ship - not necessarily a Captain.
    • Master Writer Scribe or writer. (In Scotland, a Writer would be a Lawyer)
    • Matchet Forger Forged knife blades
    • Matchet Mounter Worked in the cutlery industry mounting knife blades to the handles
    • Maternal line line of descent traced through the mother's ancestry
    • Math An old word for mowing. Used as a measure of land, e.g. six days math = a piece of land that takes six days to mow.
    • Matrilineal Line line of ascent is through one's mother and the female ancestors who preceded her.
    • Matron older married woman with children
    • Matross Formerly, in the British service, a gunner or a gunner's mate; one of the soldiers in a train of artillery, who assisted the gunners in loading, firing, and sponging the guns
    • Mawer / Mather Mower
    • Mayer Physician
    • Mealman Dealer in meal or flour
    • Mechanic 1) Machine operator, less skilled than an engineer 2) A journeyman engaged in one of the lower forms of handicraft
    • Melancholia depression.
    • Melder Corn miller
    • Membranous croup Diphtheria
    • Menses Menstruation
    • Mensis month.
    • Mercator Merchant
    • Mercer Cloth seller
    • Merch - Welsh term for daughter
    • Messuage House or dwelling.
    • Meterer Poet
    • Metes measurements of distance in feet, rods, poles, chains, pertains to measuring direction and distance.
    • Meteorism Flatulent distension of the abdomen with gas in the alimentary canal
    • Metes and bounds method of surveying property by using physical and topographical features in conjunction with measurements.
    • Mil. (abbreviation) military.
    • Milk fever fever which accompanies lactation
    • Military records records of military service
    • Militia a military organization formed by local citizens to serve in emergencies.
    • Miller Miller of corn, cloth miller, saw miller, oil miller (see)
    • Miller's Carman Drove cart delivering flour or seed
    • Milliner Women's hat maker / seller
    • Millwright Designed, built and maintained mills or mill machinery, requiring a variety of skills, from reading plans to diagnosing and solving mechanical problems.
    • Milestone Inspector Vagrant - "gentleman of the road"
    • Mine Captain Senior supervisor or the equivalent of a superintendent in a mining operation.
    • Minor a person under legal age;
    • Mintmaster / Maker Issued local currency
    • Misegatherer Local tax collector
    • mo. (abbreviation) - Month.
    • Mocado Weaver 16-17th Century weaver of wool (mock velvet) for clothing
    • Moiety A half, part, portion or share of property etc. Note: Such is usually based on family or unilateral descent.
    • Molitor Miller
    • Mondayman Worked for the landowner in lieu of rent - usually a Monday
    • Monger Seller of goods (ale, fish etc.) i.e. fishmonger
    • Monthly Nurse An attending woman during the first month after childbirth. Also known as 'Confinement Nurse'.
    • Moor reeve an official appointed by the court to oversee the exercise of common rights on open moorland.
    • Morbilli Measles
    • Morbus Disease
    • Morbis cardis heart disease/heart failure
    • Morbus cordis see Morbus cardis
    • Morbus gallicus Syphilis
    • Mormal Gangrene
    • Mortis Death
    • Mortus latin died
    • Moss reeve A bailiff who received and dealt with claims for land on swamps and mossy areas.
    • Moulder Made moulds for castings, brick making etc
    • Mountebank Seller of fake patent medicines. An impostor
    • MS Male servant
    • Mudlark Scratched a living by scavenging river banks at low tide
    • Muffin Carrier A street seller of muffins
    • Muggler Pigman
    • Mugman Possibly a variant of 'Potman' a term sometimes used for a barman or other helper in a inn or public house
    • Mule Scavenger Cleaned working Spinning Mules
    • Mule Spinner See Spinner
    • Muleskinner Teamster
    • Muleteer Mule driver
    • Multurer Miller
    • Multure mill toll. a payment for grinding corn at the lord's mill.
    • Mungo A material of short fibre and inferior quality obtained by devilling woollen rags or the remnants of woollen goods, specif. those of felted, milled, or hard-spun woollen cloth, as distinguished from shoddy, or the devilled product of loose-textured woollen goods or worsted, - a distinction often disregarded.
    • - A fibrous material obtained by devilling rags or the remnants of woollen goods.
    • Musicker Musician
    • Mustarder / Mustardman Dealer in mustard
    • Myocardial degeneration degeneration of heart/euphemism for Old Age
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