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Big Book - L


  • Big Book - L

    • Lace Drawer Drew out the threads in lace making.
    • Laceman Lace dealer. Purchased from home weavers good they had made, often with his threads.
    • Lace-Master/Mistress Employed lace workers in factories/at home
    • Lace Runner Embroidered on lace
    • Lace Woman Lady's maid
    • Lagger Sailor
    • Lagraetmen Constable - contraction of Law Rightman
    • Lairages areas where cattle were temporarily housed while in transit to markets.
    • Lairman / Lairsman Looked after cattle during brief stops
    • Lairwite - fine paid by a villein to the lord of the manor after his daughter committed fornication or adultery. Also spelled leywrite, learwite, and leyrewite.
    • Lamplighter / Leerie Employed by the local council to go around the streets and light the (gas) street lamps, using a pole. Also often used to wake people up for work (as a "knocker-up")
    • Lamptrimmer In either Royal or Merchant Navy, responsible for keeping all oil lamps on the vessel in working order, /general assistant to the Boatswain and Storekeeper. A Petty Officer.
    • Lamp Exhauster Early 20c. Removed the air from the glass envelope of electric light bulbs.
    • Land records -proof that a piece of land is owned by a particular individual.
    • Landwaiter / Landing Waiter Customs official overseeing landed goods from ships
    • Lappett Maker Made machine embroidered textiles in which the design was worked into the cloth by a series of needles
    • Lardner Keeper of the cupboard (larder)
    • Laster Shoe maker (from his use of a last)
    • Late denoting someone who is deceased
    • Lath Renderer Applied the first coat of plaster on wall & ceiling. (Plasterer's assistant)
    • Lattener / Lattensmith Brass worker. Latten was an alloy similar to brass
    • Lavender Washerwoman
    • Layer Paper mill worker - at a particular process
    • LDS Latter Day Saints also known as the Mormon church
    • Leather Currier Tanned leather by incorporating oil or grease
    • Leavelooker Examined market foodstuffs
    • Leech Physician
    • Lederer Leather maker - (from German)
    • Legacy property or money bequeathed to someone in a will.
    • Legatee someone who inherits money or property from a person who left a will.
    • Legerdemainist Magician
    • Legger Propelled barges through tunnels by means of Legging
    • Legging the means by which a barge was propelled through a tunnel by the use of men/boys (not horses)
    • Leighton the term for a garden
    • Leightonward Gardener.
    • Lengthsman Checked canal for leaks/maintained tow paths ie: vegetation cutting
    • Lepra Leprosy
    • Lessee - person leasing property from an owner.
    • Lessor owner leasing property to a tenant.
    • Letter Carrier The 18c. term for a postman,
    • Letters Testamentary court document allowing the executor named in a will to carry out his or her duties.
    • Liber book of public records.
    • Lic. (abbreviation)- license.
    • Licensed Messenger Licensed couriers who delivered messages and documents.
    • Licensed Victualler A Tavern or Innkeeper or Publican
    • Lien claim placed on property by a person who is owed money
    • Licentiam Latin by licence
    • Life estate use interest in property until death.
    • Lighterman Works (still) on lighters - flat bottomed barges
    • Lights The lungs
    • Limeburner Burned limestone (calcium carbonate) in kilns to produce lime for farmers, quicklime for making mortar and for tanneries to remove hair from hides
    • Limner 1) Illuminator of books 2) Painter or drawer lineage - direct line of descent from an ancestor; ancestry; progeny
    • Linener / Linen Draper Sold linens, calicos, flannels, blankets, sheets, sheetings, bed ticks, gloves, ribbons, fancy ties, scarves etc.
    • Liner / Lyner Flax dresser
    • Linkerboy / man Carried a linK or torch to guide people through the streets at night for hire. /general manservant
    • Lis pendens notices of suits pending litigation, usually in matters concerning land.
    • Lister / Litster Dyer
    • Litigant person involved in a lawsuit.
    • Litterman Horse groom
    • Liv. (abbreviation)- living.
    • Loadsman / Lodesman Ship's pilot.
    • Loblolly Boy 1) Ship surgeon's assistant 2) Errand boy
    • Locker 1) Employed in Customs bonded warehouses as a trusted person to keep charge of the elaborate locks [known as the King's - or Queen's] Locks 2) Fed a power driven flat lock machine with knitted fabrics etc 3) Separated and graded locks of fur in the hat trade 4) Cut and folded sheet tin before feeding it into a grooving machine 5) Worker in the mining industry
    • Lock jaw tetanus
    • Lock Keeper (Still) Maintains and operates canal locks
    • Loco parentis in place of the parent or parents.
    • Logwood Grinder Made a dye from logwood for the textile industry
    • Long Sickness Tuberculosis
    • Long Song Seller Street seller of popular printed song sheets
    • Loom Sweeper Child or small adult employed crawling under weaving looms to clean, whilst in operation.
    • Loom Winder / Tender Tended winding units attached to looms that automatically wind yarn onto quills
    • Lorimer / Lormer 1) Maker of horse gear 2) Maker of small ironware 3) Wrought iron worker
    • Lotseller Street Seller
    • Lues Syphilis from Latin 'plague'
    • Lues Venera Any venereal disease, often syphilis
    • Lum Swooper (Scottish) Chimney sweep
    • Lumper 1) Dock worker unloading timber for a "Master Lumper" 2) Worker in salt making
    • Lunatic of less than sound mind
    • Lunatic asylum Mental hospital
    • Lungs Alchemist's assistant who fanned the fire
    • Lung Fever Pneumonia
    • Lung Sickness Tuberculosis
    • Lupoid pertaining to chronic skin problem
    • Lupus Vulgaris Tuberculosis of the skin
    • Lurry original spelling of Lorry
    • Lurryman Driver of a lurry
    • Luthier Made and repaired stringed instruments
    • Ltd. (abbreviation)-limited
    • Lying In Time of delivery of infant
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