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Big Book - I


  • Big Book - I

    • Iceman/Ice seller - usually delivered to the door
    • Idleman Gentleman of leisure
    • IGI International Genealogical Index
    • Illegitimate child born to a woman who is not married to the father.
    • Immigrant person moving into a country from another country.
    • Immigration immigration is when an individual goes into a new country to live.
    • Imp. (abbreviation) imported.
    • Incumbent the holder of an office or ecclesiastical benefice OR one that occupies a particular position or place
    • Indenture Deed between two parties, written out twice on the same sheet of paper or parchment, and cut along an indented or wavy line, so that each party had a copy. It's authenticity could be judged by matching up both copies."
    • Indentured Servant Was committed to work for a fixed number of years for financial advantage. On completion of the indenture, he became a Freeman. Until that time, had few, if any, rights
    • Index in genealogical terms, an index is an alphabetical list of names that were taken from a particular set of records. For example, a census record index lists the names of individuals that are found in a particular set of census records. Indexes mostly come in book form, but you can also find them on CD-ROM, microfilm, and microfiche.
    • Inf. infantry.
    • Infant person under legal age.
    • Infirmarian Ran an infirmary
    • Ingoer an ingoing tenant (of land, usually) sometimes abbreviated to "I'o'er"
    • Inhab (abbreviation) inhabitant; inhabited.
    • Inspector of Nuisances A person appointed to look into By-Law offences, such as noisy animals, foul smells, maybe fence disputes, things of that nature
    • Instant of this month.
    • Intelligencer Spy
    • Intendent Director of public or Government business
    • Inter Alia Among other things
    • Interfactor Murderer
    • International Genealogical Index (IGI) the International Genealogical Index (IGI) is one of the resources of the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Containing approximately 250 million names, it is an index of people's names that were either submitted to the church, or were extracted from records that the church has microfilmed over the years. You can use the IGI to locate information about your ancestors.
    • Intestate used to denote a person who died without leaving a will.
    • Inventory an inventory is a legal list of all the property in a deceased person's estate. The executor of the will is required to make an inventory.
    • Iron Charger Placed the iron ore into the smelting furnace
    • Iron Founder Founds or casts iron
    • Iron Moulder Made moulds for casting iron
    • Iron Puddler Made wrought iron using the puddling process; a highly skilled and dangerous occupation which required physical strength, stamina and sustained concentration More Info.
    • Iron Roller Worked a machine that rolled iron to form and shape it.
    • Ironsmith Blacksmith
    • Iron Turner Used a lathe to turn items from iron.
    • Ironmonger / Feroner Hardware merchant
    • Ironmaster
    • Issue children, descendants, offspring.
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