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Big Book - G


  • Big Book - G

    • Gabeler Tax collector
    • Gaffer 1) Foreman 2) Elderly man
    • Gaffman Bailiff
    • Gager / Gauger Collector of alcohol taxes. Measured capacity of barrels to calculate the duty
    • Gamester 1) Gambler 2) Prostitute
    • Ganger / Gangsman Overseer / foreman - from mid 18c.
    • Ganneker Innkeeper
    • Garthman 1) Fisherman using fish traps 2) Yardman or herdsman 3) Maintained a "garth" or dam on the river for catching fish
    • Gas Maker Made gas by heating coal to produce gas, which was purified to remove the tar. The coal would be turned into coke. The gas could be used for lighting, heating or powering a gas engine. The tar was used in road surfacing.
    • Gas Manager In charge of detecting dangerous gases in mines
    • Gasser See Cotton Yarn Gasser
    • Gater Watchman
    • Gatherer Glassworker. Inserted the blow iron into molten glass ready for the blower
    • Gatherer's Boy Assistant who shielded the gatherer's face from the furnace with a shovel
    • Gatward Goatkeeper
    • Gaunter Glove maker
    • Gavelkind Equal shares among qualifying heirs.
    • Gaveller 1) In the Forest of Dean - Crown officer granting "gales" - the right to work a mine 2) In Suffolk - Female (usually) harvest worker 3) Usurer
    • Gazetteer a gazetteer is a book which alphabetically names and describes the places in a specific area. For example, a gazetteer of a county would name and describe all of the towns, lakes, rivers, and mountains in the county.
    • GEDCOM Database GEnealogy Data COMmunications, a standardized format for genealogy databases that allows the exchange of data among different software programs and operating systems.
    • Genealogy study of one's ancestry; summary history or table of a person's ancestry.
    • Gelder Animal castrator
    • GP / General Practitioner Local medical doctor, a term used today. More Info.
    • Gentleman Gentry; Aristocrat, whose income came from his land
    • Gentry Families of hereditary rank - the baronets and knights in England
    • Geometer Person skilled in geometry
    • Gerund Grinder Latin Tutor
    • Gigger Operated a gigging machine - a machine for dressing woollen cloth by subjecting it to the action of teasels.
    • Gilder Applied gold leaf for decoration
    • Gimler Made gimp - a kind of card
    • Ginour Engineer
    • Ginny / Jenny/ Jenney Tenter Minded a Ginny - a stationary engine used in coal mining to haul coal to the surface
    • Girdler Made leather belts & girdles, mainly for the army
    • Glass Coachman Drove a two horse carriage for hire
    • Glazier / Glassman 1) Window glass man / glass cutter 2) Seller of glassware
    • Glover Glove maker / seller
    • Gaoler A keeper of the gaol, a jailer
    • GOONS Guild of One Name Studies
    • Goat Carriageman Driver of a small carriage
    • Goldsmith 1) Banker 2) Worker in gold
    • Gong Farmer /Gong Scourer Emptied cesspits, ashpits and outside toilets - "middins" - usually required to work from 9pm to 5am. See also Night Soilman
    • Gooseherd Tended geese
    • Gorseman Sold gorse and broom, largely for making brooms
    • Grace Wife Midwife
    • Graffer Notary or scrivener
    • Grainer Painted wood grain effect
    • Granger Farmer
    • Grantee person purchasing, buying or receiving property.
    • Grantor person selling, granting, transfering or conveying property.
    • Graver 1) Engraver 2) Carver or Sculptor 3) Worker in a ship graving dock, cleaning and repairing ships hulls
    • Grazier A person who pastures and raises cattle
    • Greenwich Hospital Pensioner A long-serving ex Royal Navy man, awarded an out-pension for age, wounds or incapacity
    • Grieve / Greave Bailiff, Sheriff, Foreman
    • Greengrocer Sells fresh fruit and vegetables
    • Greensmith Worker in copper - coppersmith
    • Greenwich Barber Sold sand from the Greenwich pits
    • Grey Cloth Dealer Dealer in Grey Cloth - the unfinished product of the looms before bleaching, dyeing or printing. The term is still used in the trade.
    • Grimbribber Lawyer
    • Grinder 1) Used a grinding machine, mainly for knife and scissor sharpening, which was commonly done door-to-door 2) Maintained a carding machine in textile mills 3) Tutor
    • GRO General Register Office
    • GRONI General Register Office (Northern Ireland)
    • GROS General Register Office for Scotland
    • Groover Miner
    • Groundsel & Chickweed Seller Street seller of weeds to feed songbirds
    • Guardian person lawfully appointed to care for the person of a minor, invalid, incompetent and their interests, such as education, property management and investments
    • Guinea Pig Roving (freelance) person, whose usual fee was a guinea (One pound, one shilling)
    • Gummer Re-cut old saws, sharpening and improving depth of cut
    • Gun Stocker Carves gun stocks from wood and fits them to the metal parts of the gun
    • Gyp College servant to undergraduates
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