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Big Book - C


  • Big Book - C

    • Cab Driver / Cabbie / Cabman Driver of a horse-drawn passenger vehicle for hire. The first two are still in current use for a taxi driver
    • Cad Fed and watered horses at coaching inns
    • Caddie Messenger or errand boy
    • Caddy Butcher Butcher dealing in horse meat
    • Cadger 1) Beggar 2) Medieval hawk carrier. Attended hawking party, carrying hawks perched on a square frame around his waist and slung from his shoulders. Origin of 'cadge a lift'
    • Cafender Carpenter
    • Caffeler / Caffler Rag & Bone man
    • Cainer Walking stick maker
    • Caird Tinker
    • Calciner Made powdered lime from burning bones
    • Calender A person who listed documents
    • Calenderer / Calenderman "Calender" operator. A machine used to press and finish fabrics or paper between rollers.
    • Calico Printer Dyed, coloured and printed calico
    • Cambist / Cambrist 1) Dealer in bills of exchange - financial expert. 2) Banker
    • Cambric Maker Made cambric, a fine cotton or linen fabric
    • Camerist Lady's maid
    • Camister Minister of the cloth
    • Camlet Merchant Sold "camlet" - cloth used in making petticoats and cloaks
    • Canal Puddler During canal construction, 'puddled' a layer of clay on the sides and bottom of the canal to waterproof it
    • Cannaller Canal boat worker
    • Cancellarius Chancellor - from Latin
    • Candler Candle maker
    • Caner / Chair Bottomer Made woven cane chair seats
    • Canter / Cantor 1) Beggar 2) Religious speaker, chanter
    • Canting Caller Auctioneer
    • Canvaser Canvas maker
    • Caper / Capper Cap maker
    • Capillaire Maker Made orange flavoured syrup
    • Capitalist Investor, providing capital for commerce
    • Capite means the Tenant held the property in 'Capite' for the landlord to whom he paid rents
    • Cardroomer Worker in the carding room of cotton/woollen mills
    • Carder Carded (combed - a skilled job) wool or cotton
    • Card Maker 1) Made the combs and implements for carding (combing) wool 2) Made the loom-cards used by Jacquard looms in the weaving of figured fabrics
    • Carman/Charman/Carrier/Carter/Cartman Driver of (horse-drawn) vehicles for transporting goods. Carmen were often employed by railway companies for local deliveries and collections of goods and parcels. Modern day van driver. Also sometimes someone who drove horse-drawn trams was called a Carman.
    • Card Nailer / Nailorer Maintained the teeth (nails) on the carding machine used on wool & cotton before weaving
    • Carnifex Butcher
    • Carpentarius Carpenter - from Latin
    • Carter Carrier of goods by wagon
    • Cart Wheeler Cart wheel maker
    • Cartographer Mapmaker
    • Cartomancer Fortune teller using cards
    • Cartwright Made carts and wagons
    • Case Hardener Heat treats steel to harden its surface
    • Cashmarie Fish seller - usually in inland markets
    • Caster / Castorer Made small bottles for sprinkling salt, pepper, sugar etc.
    • Castrator / Gelder Castrated farm animals
    • Catagman Cottager (phonetic)
    • Catchpole / Catchpoller Bailiff or Sheriff's assistant
    • Catechist Religious teacher - from catechism
    • Cattle Jobber Bought and sold cattle
    • Caulker Filled up cracks in ships, casks, windows or seams to make them watertight by using tar or oakum hemp fibre produced by taking old ropes apart
    • Ceiler Installed ceilings
    • Cellarman As today, looked after beer & spirits & its dispensing equipment in pubs or warehouses
    • Cemmer Hand combed yarn prior to weaving
    • Cemetery A place where one is buried after death
    • Cemetery records the names and death dates of those buried, Sometimes Kept within the Chapel on the actual burial site as well as a Burial Map
    • Census records a census is an official enumeration of the population in a particular area.
    • Ceramist A craftsman who shapes pottery on a potter's wheel and bakes it in a kiln
    • Chaff Cutter Cut straw to make chaff
    • Chafferer Dealer in chaff
    • Chairman One of two persons who carried a sedan chair
    • Chair bodger Travelling chair repairer
    • Chaise Driver Drove a chaise - a two-wheeled open horse-drawn carriage for one or two persons
    • Chaisemaker Carriage or cart maker
    • Chaloner 1) Dealer in Shalloon – a fabric from Chalons in France 2) Blanket maker. Chalon or Shalloon - a woollen blanket or coverlet for a bed (from its original place of manufacture, Chalons-sur-Marne, in France)
    • Chamberlain Steward in charge of administration of the household of royalty or nobility. One of the four main officers of the court, he controlled access to the King
    • Chamber Master Shoemaker working from home or selling to the public
    • Chandler 1) Dealer or trader 2) Maker or seller of candles 3) Retailer of groceries - esp. to ships
    • Chanty Man The leader in singing sea shanties aboard ship
    • Chapeler Hat maker and seller - from French "chapeau"
    • Chapman / Copeman / Ceapman 1) 13c - 16c Itinerate Trader/Peddler. 2) Merchant - in the 17/18c, before the advent of factories, a Chapman would invest in the raw materials of the cotton, woolen or silk trade, put out the work to spinners and weavers at home on piece-rates, and sell the product for profit - the term later became used for an itinerant peddler of goods in the 19c
    • Chapman Code name given to abbreviations for counties. eg. DBY is for Derbyshire.
    • Charcoal Burner Made charcoal from burning, usually on the site of felling the trees
    • Chartmaster Negotiated mining contracts and supplied the labour
    • Charwoman A woman hired by the day to do odd jobs, usually cleaning, in a house - as still used today and in use as early as 1596. The word "chare" or "char" was used to describe an odd job
    • Chaser An engraver
    • Chatelaine Mistress of the house
    • Chaunter Street entertainer (singer)
    • Cheese Factor / Monger Cheeseman Cheese dealer
    • Check Weaver A weaver who used a loom that used more than one shuttle, each of which had a different coloured bobbin in order to produce checked cloth.
    • Chevener Embroidered fine silk stockings, popular with the Victorians.
    • Chiffonnier Wig maker
    • Chinglor Tiled roofs with wooden shingles (shingler)
    • Chippy Carpenter - esp. Ship's carpenter or shipwright
    • Christened. A religious ceremony to name a person, usually as an infant.
    • Christian name names other than a person's last name
    • Chirugeon / Chirurgeon Apothecary or surgeon
    • Chowder Fishmonger
    • Chronologist Recorder of important historical events
    • Church records Churches normally record information about christenings, baptisms, marriages, and burials.
    • Civil law laws concerned with civil or private rights and remedies, as contrasted with criminal law; body of law established by a nation, commonwealth, county or city, also called municipal law.
    • Civil War
    • Cinder Wench Female who collected cinders from factories for sale door to door
    • Circa. about or around (Latin)
    • Claker Magician / Astrologer
    • Clapman Town Crier
    • Classman Unemployed labourer
    • Claviger Servant
    • Clay carrier Assistant to the shot firer in the pits
    • Clay Puddler Made the waterproof clay lining used on canals and dams.
    • Clayman / Cleyman 1) Prepared clay for brick making 2) Rendered buildings with clay to waterproof them
    • Clerk Medieval clergyman or cleric
    • Clergyman without cure of Souls A clergyman without his own parish (without cure - care - of souls). Getting a Parish with sufficient income when there were more Clergy than Parishes wasn't always possible
    • Codicil supplement or addition to a will; not intended to replace an entire will.
    • Collateral line line of descent connecting persons who share a common ancestor, but are related through an aunt, uncle, cousin, nephew, etc.
    • Collier 1) Coal miner or dealer 2) Charcoal burner
    • Collindale British Newspaper Library, Colindale, London
    • Commission Agent Merchant buying or selling commodities or securities on account of a third party.
    • Common ancestor person through whom two or more persons claim descent or lineage.
    • Communicant person receiving communion in a religious ceremony or service.
    • Consanguinity the degree of relationship between persons who descend from a common ancestor. A father and son are related by lineal consanguinity, uncle and nephew by collateral sanguinity.
    • Consort wife, husband, spouse, mate, companion.
    • Conveyance legal document by which the title to property is transferred; warrant; patent; deed.
    • Copyhold a form of manorial tenure, so called because the tenant was given a copy of the entry in the manor's court roll relating to his tenure.
    • Cordwainer shoemaker, can also mean a worker in cordwain, a leather originating in Cordova, Spain.
    • Corn Chandler Corn Merchant
    • Corn Factor Middleman in corn dealing
    • Corn Meter Official who weighed and weighed the corn at market
    • Cornet The lowest commissioned rank in a cavalry regiment, who carried the colours
    • Corver Made baskets, known as Corves, used in coal mining
    • Costermonger / Coster Wife 1) Peddler of fruits and vegetables 2) Ditto, female
    • Cotiler / Coteler / Cotyler Cutler - maker or dealer in cutlery
    • Cottager / Cottar / Cotter / Cottier Agricultural labourer, living in a landowner's farm cottage
    • Cotton Baller Wound cotton thread into balls on a special balling machine. These were used in 'Ball Warping', the oldest system of warping, not much used today.
    • Cotton Dresser Operator who assembled the yarns or threads prior to weaving of cloth
    • Cotton Feeder Was employed feeding the cotton into a carding machine, which roughly straightened the fibres prior to spinning More Info.
    • Cotton Rover Loaded cotton yarn onto bobbins, giving the yarn a twist, (Roving) after the Carding and Combing processes.
    • Cotton Singer (Meaning singe-er) Tends a machine that singes the nap or lint from cloth More Info.
    • Cotton Yarn Gasser 1) A person who worked in the "gas-room" where raw cotton was de-fumigated 2) A person who applied gas to finished cotton threads to smooth them
    • Coucher Worker in the paper mills
    • Countour Collected rates
    • Couper Buyer and seller, usually of livestock
    • Couranteer Journalist - from French
    • Court Baron A manorial court primarily dealing with the administration of the tenures of property held of the manor concerned. See also Court Leet.
    • Court Factor Dealer in Courts - small carts
    • Court Leet A manorial court primarily dealing with offences occurring within the bounds of the manor concerned.
    • Court Roller In charge of the rolls and records of the court
    • Court Toolmaker Made the tools for making Courts - small carts
    • Courtier Owner/driver of Courts - small carts
    • Cow Leech Animal Doctor
    • Coxwain Helmsman of a ship or boat - still in use
    • Crier 1) Town Crier 2) Auctioneer 3) Law court officer
    • Crimper Member of a Navy press gang
    • CRO County Records Office
    • Crocker Potter
    • Crofter 1) Tenant farmer of a croft - small piece of land - still in use 2) Also connected with bleaching of textiles - see Crofters
    • Croft Bleacher Worked bleaching cloth prior to dyeing and spreading it out in enclosed fields, or "crofts" See Crofters
    • Cropper 1) Tenant farmer who was paid with a share of the crop 2) Also known as a shearman, a skilled textile worker who sheared the nap from the cloth
    • Crowner Coroner
    • Cuhreur Courier - French
    • Cupper Worked in the potteries, making cups
    • Curer Tobacco Curer
    • Curretter Broker
    • Currier 1) Dressed the coat of a horse with a curry comb 2) Tanned leather by incorporating oil or grease
    • Customer Customs tax collector
    • Cutler Knife maker/seller/sharpener
    • CWGC Commonwealth War Graves Commission

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