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Big Book - A


  • Big Book - A

    • Abstract abbreviated transcription of a document or record that includes the date of the record, every name appearing therein, the relationship (if stated) of each person named and their description (ie., witness, executor, bondsman, son, widow, etc.), and if they signed with their signature or mark.
    • A2A Access 2 Archives.
    • Acater Supplied food, provisions, e.g. Ship's Chandler. French - Achateur (buyer)
    • Accipitary Falconer
    • Accomptant Accountant
    • Accoucheur Assisted women in childbirth (midwife)
    • Accoutrement Maker/Accoutre Supplier or maker of Military Clothing and Accessories
    • Ackerman/Acreman Ploughman or Oxherd
    • Actuary Accountant - public business account keeper
    • Ad litem legal term meaning in this case only.
    • Adm/admin (abbreviation) administrator, administration.
    • Administration a court action used to settle the estate of a person who died without leaving a will, or a person who left a will that the court disallowed, or where the executor appointed by the deceased refuses to serve in that capacity.
    • Administrator Court appointee who settled affairs of the estate of the deceased
    • Admon. (abbreviation) letters of administration.
    • Advertisement Conveyancer Sandwich Board Man
    • Advocate Deputy Scottish Law Officer - Public Prosecutor
    • Advowee Usually a Nobleman who had the right to present a clergyman to a benefice
    • Aeronaut Balloonist or Trapeze Artist in circus or Music Hall
    • Affeeror/Assessor/Assessor. Manorial Court Official - assessed monetary penalties & collected taxes & dues
    • Affidavit a written or oral statement made under oath.
    • Ag Lab Agricultural Labourer
    • Agister Official of Royal Forests. In the New Forest, In charge of the ponies
    • Ahnentafel ancestor table. A complete ahnentafel gives more than the individual's name, date and place of birth, christening, marriage, death and burial. It gives biographical and historical commentary for each person listed, as well as footnotes citing the source documents used to prove what is stated.
    • Ahnentafel Number the unique number given to each position in an ancestor table is called an ahnentafel number. Number one designates the person in the first generation. The father of each person is allocated that person's number multiplied by two, and the mother the father's number plus one. So numbers two and three designate the parents of number one, and four, five, six and seven the grandparents, and so on.
    • A.k.a. also known as; alias.
    • Alabasterer Worked with Alabaster!
    • Alblastere Crossbownam
    • Alchemist Medieval Chemist, claiming ability to make gold from base metal
    • Alderman Senior Councillor immediately below Mayor in local Councils. (Still extant today.)
    • Ale Draper Seller of Ale
    • Ale Tunner Filled the Ale casks (tuns) in Breweries
    • Ale-Conner/Ale Founder Official who tested quality and measure served in Public Houses. (Pubs)
    • Alewife Woman who kept an Alehouse or Tavern
    • Alias also known as
    • Alien a citizen of another country.
    • All Spice A Grocer
    • Almanac Man Official of the Court of Sewers – warned of abnormally high tides in the Trent River area
    • Almoner In charge of an Almshouse. Giver of charity to the needy Hospital employee who assists patients with personal matters arising from their stay in hospital
    • Almsman Receiver of Alms
    • Alnager / Aulnager Official - examined quality of woolen goods & stamped them with the town seal of approval
    • Amanuensis Secretary or stenographer
    • Amber Cutter Cut and polished Ambergris for jewellery
    • Ambler Officer of the Royal Stables who broke in the horses
    • Amen Man Parish Clerk
    • Amercement Financial penalty for an offence imposed by a court
    • Ancestor a person from whom you descend;grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.; direct-line ancestor; forefather; forebear.
    • Ancestral File a genealogical system developed by the Family History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), links individuals to ancestors in pedigree, family group, and descendant formats.
    • Ancestry denotes all of your ancestors from your parents as far back as they are traceable.
    • Anchor Smith Made Anchors
    • Anchoress Female hermit or religious recluse
    • Anchorite Male hermit or religious recluse
    • Anilepman Smallholder - tenant of the Manor
    • Ankle Beater Young person who helped to drive cattle to market
    • Annatto Maker Made dyes for paint or printing trades
    • Annotation interpretation, explaination, clarification, definition, or supplement.
    • Annuitant Receiver of an Annuity * see Annuity *
    • Annuity An annuity is income paid to a beneficiary at regular intervals, for a fixed period or ascertainable period (usually the lifetime of a nominee) in return for a lump sum payment having been previously made into the scheme by a subscriber - i.e. a spouse, benefactor or employer
    • Anon. (abbreviation) anonymous.
    • Antigropelos Maker Made waterproof leggings
    • Anvil Smith Maker of anvils and hammers for the smithy trade
    • Apiarian Beekeeper
    • Apothecary Prepared and sold medicines and drugs. Pharmacist
    • Apparitor Official who summoned witnesses to the ecclesiastical courts
    • Appr. (abbreviation) appraisal; appraisment.
    • Apprentice Trainee bound to a skilled (Master) worker or Company for a specified time to learn the Trade More Info. More Info.
    • Aproneer Term used in London for a Shopkeeper
    • Apronman Engineer or mechanic
    • Aquarius Ewar Waterman
    • Aquavita Seller Seller of Alcohol
    • Arbiter Arbitrated in disputes
    • Archiator Physician
    • Archil Maker Made a purple dye from lichens - used in the textile industry
    • Arkwright Skilled craftsman making "Arks" (wooden chests or coffers)
    • Armiger Squire who carried a Knight's armour. Entitled to bear heraldic arms
    • Armourer Made armour for wear or for buildings, ships etc. and now used to include armaments generally
    • Arrowsmith Forged arrowheads
    • Artificer A military mechanic who does repairs
    • Artisan One who is employed in any of the industrial arts; a mechanic, handicraftsman, artificer.
    • Ascites Abdominal Dropsy
    • Ashman Dustman- today called a "Cleansing Operative/Engineer" !!
    • Assay Master Determined the amount of gold or silver in coins
    • Assayer Determined the proportions of minerals in ore
    • Assignment grant of property or a legal right, benefit, or privilege to another person.
    • Attainder Common law - The state of an offender who had been sentenced for a capital offence.
    • Attainted disgraced or to pass sentence of attainder against....
    • Auger Maker Made carpenters' augers, used for boring holes in wood
    • Aulnager See Alnager
    • Aurifaber Goldsmith
    • Authenticate prove a document is not a forgery.
    • Avenator (Plantifene) Hay and forage Merchant
    • Avowry Lord of the Manor
    • Axebearer Forest officer
    • Axel Tree Maker / Turner Made axles for coaches and wagons
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