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Big Book - E


  • Big Book - E

    • Ealdorman Shire Court official, acted as King's deputy and paid by the court
    • Earer Ploughman
    • Earth stopper Stopped up animal burrows - i.e. a fox's earth before the hunt
    • East India Man Employee of the East India Company - either commercially or militarily
    • Edge Toolmaker Maker of knives, scythes - cutting tools
    • Eggler / Egg Factor Egg / poultry dealer
    • Elephants Teeth Dealer Ivory dealer
    • Ellerman / Ellyman Sold lamp oil (oilman)
    • Elymaker Oil maker
    • Emancipated freed from slavery; freed from parents' control; of legal age having voting rights.
    • Emigrant person leaving one country to reside in another country.
    • Emigration emigration is when an individual leaves their home country to live in another country.
    • Empresario /Impresario 1) Showman 2) Land broker 3) Settlement scheme promoter
    • Enfeoffed to invest with a Feudal estate or fee.
    • Engineman In charge of colliery winding machinery under the direction of the Bankman
    • Engine Smith Made parts for and repaired engines using the tools of a Smith - similar work to that of a Blacksmith.
    • Engine Tenter 1) Oversaw the operation of the steam engine driving factory machinery. 2) Operated woolen mill machinery stretching cloth whilst drying
    • Engine Turner Engraver who produced overlapping geometric (engine turned) patterns on such items as cigarette cases, ladies compacts etc
    • Entail to entail is to restrict the inheritance of land to a specific group of heirs, such as an individual's sons.
    • Enumeration list of people, as in a census.
    • Enumerator person who collects the list for census purposes
    • Equerry Personal assistant in the Royal household - originally for the horses - still exists
    • Erite Heretic
    • Eremite Hermit
    • Escheats Reversion of land to the manor etc. under feudal tenure when lacking legal heirs.
    • Esquire Knight's companion - the term later referred to a gentleman of standing
    • Estafette Mounted courier - from French
    • Estate assets and liabilities of a decedent, including land, personal belongings and debts.
    • Et al and others.
    • Et ux and wife.
    • Evidence any kind of proof
    • Eweherd Shepherd
    • Exec/exor. (abbreviation) executor. Meaning male appointed by a testator to carry out the directions and requests in his or her will
    • Exox. (abbreviation) executrix.
    • Executrix Meaning female appointed by a testator to carry out the directions and requests in his or her will. As above
    • Exchequer Revenue collector - Chancellor of the Exchequer is an important English Government post today, setting the National budget
    • Exciseman Tax collector
    • Expressman A Messenger. He would collect and deliver letters, packages or parcels that needed quick service
    • Eyer Made the holes in sewing needles. Also called a Holer
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