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Big Book - D


  • Big Book - D

    • Daguerreotype Artist Early photographer - derived from Daguerre's method
    • Damster Dam builder - for logging
    • Danter Female overseer in silk winding room
    • Dateler/Dataller/Day Man/ Daytaleman/Day Labourer Casual worker, employed on a daily basis
    • Daughter-in-law The wife of an individual's son. Daughter-in-law also used to mean step-daughter
    • Deal Porter A specialistworker in the docks - mainly London, handling baulks of softwood or "deal" between ship and shore.
    • Deathsman Executioner - very popular!
    • Deceased commonly written "the deceased," meaning someone who has died.
    • Decimer / Dozener Elected by householders in a street to represent them at the Court Leet
    • Declaration of intention A document filed in a court by an alien who intended to become a United States citizen. It could also be a declaration filed by a couple in a local court, indicating their intention to marry.
    • Decoyman Decoyed wild fowl, animals, into a trap or within shooting range
    • Decretist Knowledgeable in decrees (decretals)
    • Deed document transfering ownership and title of property
    • Deemer/Deemster/Dempster/Demster Judge
    • Defeasance Forfeiture or annulment of something or some legal right (usually because some original condition has not been complied with; e.g. not paying the mortgage)
    • Delaine Weaver Made delaine, a light all-wool cloth of plain weave, usually printed. From the French laine, meaning wool. De laine - 'from wool'
    • Delfman Sold "Delf, which is earthenware from Delft, Holland.
    • Delfsman / Delphman Worker in quarries or open pits, usually quarrying stone
    • Delver Ditch digger - also a worker in a stone quarry.
    • Demesne Land of a feudal lord retained for his own use i.e the grounds of a Mansion etc.
    • Dental Mechanic Made false teeth - a very skilled job (Mechanic meant a craftsman or artisan)
    • Depater Refined precious metals
    • Deputy Pit workers' safety officer
    • Descendant Your descendants are your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren etc, those who are born after you in following generations.
    • Devil Printer's errand boy
    • Deviller Operated a "devil" - a machine that tore rags in the textile industry
    • Devise gift of real property by last will and testament of the donor
    • Devisee person receiving land or real property in the last will and testament of the donor.
    • Devised Give land or property in a Will. Or to plan and contrive.
    • Devisor person giving land or real property in a last will and testament
    • Dexter Dyer
    • Dey Wife Female dairy worker
    • Die Sinker When forging metals, lays out, machines, and finishes impression cavities in die blocks to produce forging dies, following blueprints and applying knowledge of die sinking
    • Digger 1) Coal face worker 2) Day labourer in slate of stone quarries
    • Dikeman / Dykeman Ditch digger or hedger
    • Dipper Glazed goods in the pottery
    • Direct line line of decent traced through persons who are related to one another as a child and parent.
    • Directories directories come in all types: city, telephone, county, regional, professional, religious, post office, street, ethnic, and schools.
    • Disher / Dish Thrower Made bowls and dishes from clay
    • Dish Turner Made wooden bowls and dishes on a lathe
    • Dissenter name given a person who refused to belong to the established Church of England
    • Distributor Parish official who attended to the secular needs of inmates of the poorhouse / workhouse
    • Docker / Dock Walloper Stevedore, dock worker who loads and unloads cargo
    • Dock Foyboatman A shore-based seaman who worked a "foy" to give assistance to vessels entering port - running lines from the ship to shore, towing small vessels etc. Foy is a corruption of fee, which was what the boatman charged
    • Dockmaster In charge of a dockyard
    • Doffer Worked in the spinning mills, replenishing the empty bobbins on the looms. More Info.
    • Dog Breaker Dog trainer
    • Dog Killer Employed by the parish to round up and kill stray dogs
    • Dog Leech Veterinarian
    • Dog-Whipper Drove dogs away from the church. The dogs would be attracted by the custom of nailing fox tails to the church door as proof for collecting bounty on them
    • Domesman Judge
    • Donkey Man/Boy Passenger carriage driver
    • Dorcas Seamstress (biblical origin)
    • Double date the practice of writing double dates resulted from switching from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar.
    • Dowager widow holding property or a title received from her deceased husband; title given in England to widows of princes, dukes, earls, and other noblemen.
    • Dower legal provision of real estate and support made to the widow for her lifetime from a husband's estate.
    • Dowry/dowery land, money, goods, or personal property brought by a bride to her husband in marriage.
    • Doubler Operated a machine twisting yarn in cotton/woolen mills. The yarn on different bobbins is combined onto another bobbin
    • Dowser / Diviner Finds water using a rod or witching stick.
    • Dragman Fisherman who dragged a net along the sea bed (trawling)
    • Dragoman Interpreter for Turkish or Arabic
    • Dragoon Cavalryman
    • Dragsman Public transport/hire coach/carriage driver
    • Drainer Dug drains
    • Draper Dealer in fabrics and sewing goods - in use today. From the French "drap-de-Berry", a woollen cloth coming from Berry in Franc
    • Drapery Painter Second-rate painters employed painting the clothes (drapery) onto a painter's subject
    • Drawboy Weavers assistant - sat on the looms to lift the heavy warps
    • Drawer 1) Made wire by drawing the metal through a die 2) Raised the coal up the mineshaft
    • Drayman Drove a long strong cart without fixed sides for carrying heavy loads, such as beer kegs
    • Dredgerman 1) Collected flotsam from the Thames for sale 2) Oyster fisherman
    • Dresser 1) A surgeon's assistant in a hospital 2) Operator who assembled the yarns or threads prior to weaving of cloth 3) Assistant to a noble person, preparing clothes etc. 4) In an Iron Foundry, the person who removed the flash and unwanted bits from castings
    • Dressing Machine Maker Sewing machine maker
    • Drift Maker Made fishermen's drift nets
    • Drillman Agricultural worker who operated a seed drill
    • Dripping Man Dealer in dripping - fat from cooking meat
    • Driver Literally, a slave driver
    • Drover Drove cattle, sheep, etc. to market; a dealer in cattle
    • Drugger/Druggist Pharmacist
    • Drum Battledore Maker Made galvanized drums with battledores (bat-shaped paddles), used as washing machines
    • Drummer Travelling salesman (drumming up business)
    • Dry Salter 1) Dealt in dried meat, sauces, pickles 2) Dealt in dyes for fabrics etc.
    • Dry Stone Waller /Dry Stane Dyker (Scottish) - Builds walls with stones from the fields. The art involves no mortar or cutting, but the ability to see where the stones should fit. Served the dual purpose of disposing of the stones from the fields and building the boundary walls
    • D.S.P. decessit sine prole (died without issue)
    • Dubber Cloth dubber - raised the nap of cloth
    • Duffer Peddler of cheap goods
    • Dyer Fabric dyer
    • Dykeman Hedger or Ditcher
    • Dyker (Scottish) - Stonemason
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