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  • Welcome to Family Tree Forum

    Family Tree Forum was founded in September 2006. Our primary aim is to provide a site where our members can research and socialise in a safe, friendly and helpful environment.
    Registration is free, and our members are dedicated to assisting all genealogists, whether they are beginners or experienced researchers.

    The sections below give a brief overview of our resources, and clicking on the relevant links in the navbar will take you to that part of the site. If you wish to register or log in to the Forums, please use the link in the navbar above .

    Family Tree Forum's reference library has in excess of 4,800 pages of information, many of which can be edited by registered members.
    Information provided here relates to all aspects of genealogy as well as other matters of interest.

    The forums are the most active areas of our site. On our genealogy forums members can ask for advice or offer helpful tips to other researchers.
    To post on these forums you have to be a registered member, although they can be read by non members.
    We also have very active community forums where members can take a break from research to socialise, arrange meets, show off family photographs or discuss issues of the day. Community forums are only open to registered members.

    Our magazine is published quarterly, and is only made possible by the efforts of our dedicated team of editors and the generosity of our members who submit the articles.

    Names Database
    Registering as a member at Family Tree Forum will give you full access to our names database. Searches are possible using any combination of First Name, Surname, Place of Birth and Year of Birth.
    Members can also increase the effectiveness of the database by uploading their own GEDCOM files.
    To access this feature, please click here
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    • Choosing forum when you are copying or moving posts
      by Caroline
      I'll just post this and use it as an example.
      30-03-20, 11:53
    • Choosing forum when you are copying or moving posts
      by Caroline
      I'll just post this and use it as an example.
      30-03-20, 11:53
    • World Index
      by Caroline
      On this page, you will find links to all the countries which have a page in the Reference Library.

      Included here are links to resources which are of global interest, historically, geographically or genealogically.

      Links which are specific to a nation or area of a country will be found on their own page.

      If you come across any links which you think will be of interest for this page, please add them to the comment box at the foot of the page and a moderator...
      07-03-20, 16:36
    • The British Isles Index
      by Caroline
      The British Isles are a group of islands situated off the northwest coast of Europe.

      They include Great Britain, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Crown Dependencies of the Isle of Man, as well as 6,000+ smaller islands.

      You will find links to resources for general interest along with links to specific countries. Each country's page has links to pages which contain resources specific...
      07-03-20, 13:37
    • General Historical Resources
      by Caroline
      Our ancestors (like us) were shaped by the world they lived in and the sudden movement of a family, for example, from their birthplace to another part of the country could be explained by what was happening in the wider world.

      The resources in this section will help you to find out about the history of the times in which your ancestors lived. Where possible, they have been grouped together in separate articles. A miscellany of resources can be found on this page.

      The Family...
      07-03-20, 10:41
    • by JayG
      Thanks Caroline, as my sister and I have the same parents I wasn't sure her testing would help, likewise for dad and his sister. There is no one alive at grandparent level so I'm trying to work out the best way my close living relatives could help without it becoming unmanageable!

      I know my sister will do a test as we've talked about it before so I will ordered a kit for her.
      06-03-20, 16:24