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28-08-12, 19:09
Hi all

I was wondering if any one can help with restoring this photo, or some of it...Sorry i do not know the dpi..As it was emailed to me..From a contact i had..Its a photo of my gr gr grandparents 2 at the back..and my gr nan can just about see to the right..I dont hold out much hope as its such a mess..So if cannot be done then dont worry..Just thought it would be worth a try..Thank you in advance..


Caz xx

05-09-12, 12:25
Does anyone know of a programme i could use, to try n tidy this photo up..please..

Barbara Dodds
05-09-12, 18:52
Sorry Bunny I can't really help, but there are usually a few people around who can :). I suspect adobe photoshop may be one of the programs they use.

Just nudging this up again in the hopes that one of them will see it.

05-09-12, 19:52
I would suggest putting it on Rootschat. They have some people on there who are brilliant at restoring photos as bad as this. It is beyond me, I'm afraid.


05-09-12, 20:51
Thanx for your help everyone xx