View Full Version : Help with a WW1 photo please

Val and George
07-07-12, 03:26
I have this photo and would like to know more about it.
I'm assuming he is in Army uniform and it is WW1 - can anyone supply any more information please.

Many thanks

Val and George
07-07-12, 07:46
I've come across another photo of -I think - the same man but taken in WW2.
I thought I would include it just in case it helps identify anything more.

22-07-12, 16:03
The first image is indeed from the 1st ww period and is of a soldier wearing the uniform of the British Army (the army of the Commonwealth & Dominions would have also worn the same GS uniform but with slight differences). From what I can make from the image is that he would be Infantry rather than mounted and he has a brassard on his right arm which could mean anything really but could represent a signaller for the regiment/battalion that he was serving in. The cap badge is too small to really say which regiment that he was with at the time that this image was taken and it could be one of many. Going by the shape and form of the badge it could be a county badge or indeed something like the Royal Engineers but like I say it is too small and not that clear an image to be certain as to which one that it could be.

The second image shows a soldier in a BD blouse which was first issued to the British army in 1939 unfortunately there are no marks or ensignia that will draw you any closer to the soldiers regiment. Going by the ribbions that he has up and also by the general look of him (age wise) it could well be that he was serving in the LVF (Home Guard). One thing that does come across is that this image could have taken between 1939 and 1942 as after 1942 the cut and style of the BD blouse was altered and was issued without pleats and button flaps.