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Linda from Murton
04-07-12, 17:47
I do not know where to start looking for this item. Your help in pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

Information from Probate and Wills shows that a Joseph Carman died at South Dock Sunderland on the 31st March 1887. Administration of his estate was granted to his wife Jane on the 29th April 1887. His estate was valued at £80.18s. He was a labourer in the iron ship building yard.

I am trying to find out the circumstances of his death and wonder if he was in an accident at South Dock, Sunderland. Would it have been mentioned in the local newspaper.

Can you please help? Thank you.

Olde Crone Holden
04-07-12, 17:58
I would get his death cert - he may have died of measles or some other illness! If the death was an accident, it will say so on the cert.


Janet in Yorkshire
04-07-12, 18:13
I think South Dock would be his abode, if you got that info from the probate index.
It was just the area - like Catherine Cookson and "Tyne Dock."

He may well have worked at Tyne Dock too, but each shipyard would have its own name, even though Tyne Dock might have been it's location.


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Linda from Murton
04-07-12, 23:25
Many thanks for responding Olde Crone Holden and Janet in Yorkshire.