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04-07-12, 16:16
This offer is current:


If you sign up for the newsletter they send a code for 10 free credits


Shirley silver surfer
04-07-12, 16:31
Seems a good idea for new users - but when I clicked on your link I only got a blank page!

Shirley silver surfer
04-07-12, 16:33
I take that back - it worked on the third attempt!

Elaine ..Spain
04-07-12, 17:43
Thanks for that Debbs. Very useful as I had just run out of SP credits! Rarely need them but like to have some there in case I do!

04-07-12, 18:02
Most welcome!

Prairie Chicken
04-07-12, 22:48
Thanks Debbss!

05-07-12, 12:33
awesome and useful, thanx!

Mary from Italy
05-07-12, 21:10
Bear in mind that if you have any expired credits on SP, getting these free ones will also reactivate the expired ones.

Loopy Linda in La La Land
05-07-12, 23:15
Thanks Debbss


07-07-12, 11:08
Thanks very much have joined the newsletter. much appreciated.

09-07-12, 14:22
I got the 10 credits..................but how do I look up the 1911 cenus.

I am trying to find
James John Douglas Laidlow Davidson born 1894 Selkirk Scotland

Mary from Italy
09-07-12, 15:15
Where it says Census Records in the left-hand column, click on 1911.

10-07-12, 03:45
Am I missing something...........where do I put in place of birth?

10-07-12, 08:16
[QUOTE=Nickee;2385864]Am I missing something...........where do I put in place of birth?[/QUOTE

You can't - their search form doesn't allow that. To be honest I use SP daily and love the site but the censuses are difficult.
With all the other censuses I search on other sites first and if I have to see the actual image I then go to SP - saves a lot of money.
However as the 1911 Scottish census is not on any other site you can't do that. If you have common names it might be difficult to narrow down.
Remember to use the second name option but again if common names etc it is not always much help.
If any other sibling or parent member has an unusual name you could use that.

10-07-12, 09:43
Thank you Herky...............I might just have to put him in the too hard basket for now.

He was orphaned at 1 year old.....and was illegitmate.......and I could not find him on the 1901 census....so I have no idea who brought him up.

10-07-12, 17:00
Do you have a death or marriage?
Informants, witnesses sometimes help.