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23-06-12, 23:10
Hi everyone, I would like advice on which Ancestry subscription I should have. My ancestry worldwide subscription is up for renewal at the end of July. My main family research seems to be all in the UK? I've got back to the 1600's with some of the branches (mainly thanks to help from forum members:)). My question is what subscription would you recommend for me?

As every thanks in advance for all your advices. Ali

Val wish Id never started
23-06-12, 23:17
if you can find FTM with 6 months free worldwide Ancestry I would go for that personally, still cheaper than Essentials.

23-06-12, 23:26
Val sorry to be so dumb what does FTM mean? also do you know what might happen to my family tree should I not continue to subscribe? thanks ali

24-06-12, 00:10

Family Tree Maker is a program that you put on your computer via the disc to add your family tree to and the offer is for a free subscription to Ancestry Worldwide for six months for the price in total of £29.99

This one was about two weeks ago


24-06-12, 00:17
You dont have to add your tree just accept the six months offer.
I know lots of people who have removed trees from Ancestry as people were added to the tree, and made lots of extra work removing these additions so personally dont advise adding details to Ancestry for your tree.
I have never added mine there so not talking from personal experience


Val wish Id never started
24-06-12, 00:24
I have my tree on Ancestry and must say I prefer adding records to it on there than through the FTM programme, I have made my Tree private.

Val wish Id never started
24-06-12, 00:25
oh I think your tree stays on there even if you dont subscribe but dont think you can do anything with it .

24-06-12, 08:57
your tree stays on ancestry unless you delete it. if your sub runs out, and you have attached records, you won't be able to view the records. but everything else stays the same concerning the tree.

Heather Positive Thinker
26-06-12, 10:15
I got my 2012 premium UK Familytreemaker with 6 months uk premium sub on amazon for £25.

Anne in Carlisle
26-06-12, 11:17
Am I correct in thinking you don't have to actually USE the Family Tree Maker program in order to get the Ancestry offer? For example if you already use a different program you wouldn't want to change but the offer is very good.

I think you used to be able to get FTM with Tesco vouchers .... is that still the case. If so the Ancestry 6 months would be "free"!!


Elaine ..Spain
26-06-12, 11:19
You don't have to use the program but to activate your subscription you should install the program on the computer - and re tesco vouchers, yes apparently you can still get FTM with them.

Chrissie Smiff
26-06-12, 11:23
Tesco Platinum offer - http://www.tesco.com/clubcard/deals/product.aspx?R=1656

Tesco World Offer - http://www.tesco.com/clubcard/deals/product.aspx?R=1941

So unless you really want access to World records Patinum usually works out cheaper. Through Tesco or not.

Prairie Chicken
26-06-12, 19:27
I'm with Ancestry.ca. Twice now I've cancelled my subscription before it automatically renewed as I wasn't going to be using it during the summer/vacation period. Both years, about 3 weeks after the subscription ended, I got emails from them inviting me back & offering discounts for the renewal. In both cases I ended up renewing for a year at a 40% discount off the regular price. $179 vs $299 for the full subscription. It worked for me! Also, on this side of the Atlantic, buying the FTM program only gives you 2 weeks free.

Val wish Id never started
26-06-12, 21:21
You are lucky ,I have never been offered such a good discount dont think anybody I know has either ??? and have been with them for years , do wish they treated everybody the same ? and gave a percentage discount based on how many years with them.

27-06-12, 09:17
How did you find that Heather cheapest I found is £30.

Heather Positive Thinker
28-06-12, 22:57
It was a month or so back rod. Prices go up and down on there all the time. I bought my coffee maker for £63 when I went back it was a tenner less two days later. Still, it was still £50 less than normal price so worth it and of course most items on there are post free.

At £30 for the program plus 6 months premium sub, its still worth buying. I tend to look on there now and again to see how cheap programs are with subs as I just buy them for the sub. Go for it :)