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Shirley silver surfer
23-06-12, 22:21
I have been looking for a record of the marriage between Jane Gorman of Dundalk, Ireland and Thomas Burton, about whom I know nothing. Their first child was born in 1871 in Dundalk.
Suddenly the IGI produced a possible marriage in Glasgow in 1870! The names matched and the date. I checked the 1871 census in Scotland but they were no longer there then.

My question is about viewing and buying a certificate. I have read carefully the articles in the FTF Reference Library and I still can't see how I could do this without buying a batch of credits. I cannot see that I am likely to use the site more than for this one query.

Would some kind person suggest the best way of going about this - it could easily be a red herring as there are no Scottish connections in my family so far.


Uncle John
23-06-12, 22:25
Yes to use ScotlandsPeople you do need to buy a batch of credits. I can't remember the current going rate, but it's not a lot more than you'll pay for an English certificate. And they (almost) never expire.

Olde Crone Holden
23-06-12, 22:37
You could, I believe, bypass SP and buy direct from GROS, but that would cost you MORE than a batch of credits for SP.

If you are able to visit Scotland, you can access all the certs you want for only the price of a day's admission - £17. So you see, SP really is the cheapest way.


23-06-12, 22:37
30 credits will cost you £7 - for that, less than the price of one English cert, you could get indexes and buy 5 certs. Great value.

23-06-12, 22:51
Do you have the parents names?

23-06-12, 23:16
There appears to be no death for a woman with Gorman and Burton names and no sign of them on the post 1870 censuses in Scotland - so perhaps it is the correct marriage and, for some reason, they were in Scotland for just a short time.

Shirley silver surfer
24-06-12, 07:59
Thanks Herky for all your help. I believe the cert you found is the right one and I'm replying here so that others will know that we (you!) have had success. Like most 'brick walls' the falling bricks have created a whole new pile of rubbish, though. I must now get out the shovel! I am truly grateful for all you have done.