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City Hall
04-06-12, 09:25
Hi all, I wonder can anyone advise me on the likely burial location of a family ancestor?
The details on the Statutory Death notification are as follows;
Peter McHugh
2nd Engineer
HM Minesweeper Marchioness of Breadalbane
Died 20th August, 1919 in the Combination Hospital, Gateside, Gourock, Scotland.
Peter was from Co Donegal in Ireland and he was Roman Catholic. He was NOT brought back to Ireland for burial. Any help regarding his burial location/likely burial location would be great.


04-06-12, 09:43
most likely in the town of death. or cremated.

Elaine ..Spain
04-06-12, 12:05
I see it has been suggested on another website that he may have been buried in Greenock or Gourock (at least I presume it is your query that has been answered by Alan on the World War message board).

Burial records for these are apparently held at Greenock Crematorium and can be searched for a fee! Info available from the GENUKI website - http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/sct/RFW/
I can't find any online records.

04-06-12, 14:26
What about contacting Inverclyde council


Or Gourock Community Council


City Hall
05-06-12, 10:57
Thanks to all who replied. I will start chasing up the leads tomorrow. I am assuming they are all closed until then for the Jubilee long weekend.
You are right Elaine. it is my query that Alan replied to. What a gentleman he is. I bought credits on Scotlands People website and was able to confirm it was the right Peter McHugh.
My worry now is that Peter is in an unmarked grave. That is why I am keen to find out his burial location and confirm this one way or the other.

Thats again.

City Hall
07-06-12, 19:54
Hi. Quick up-date.Rang Greenock Crematorium, give them details of deceased, date and place of death and deceased's last address in Greenock. They could find no record of any such death or burial, suggested I ring Greenock register office, which I did.They told me they would only have details of name, and date and place of death, which I already have.They suggested I ring the Crematorium. I told girl I had already done so. Her response?Try to get someone different to talk to!! I asked her to check her records to confirm I have the correct date of death, her response? The system is down!! Talk about getting the runaround? Very poor and disappointing service from Inverclyde council.

Olde Crone Holden
07-06-12, 20:21
Not much help I don't suppose, but I didn't think that Catholics went in for cremation??????

Did the hospital have a burial ground?


City Hall
09-06-12, 09:48
Thanks OC for taking the time to reply.You are absolutely right.Catholics as a rule do not, and back then definately did not, go in for cremation. I don't think the hospital had a burial ground because I completed a comments section on Inverclyde Council's website and they got back to me very quickly. I have to say they have been very helpful. They carried out a thorough search of all their records for all cemeteries in the area, they even checked the old newspapers from Aug 1919 but can find no record of a burial and no death notice insertions in the local newspapers.
Back to the drawing board for me.