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Loopy Linda in La La Land
02-06-12, 09:57
Will they ever be updated online from 2005/6?


Olde Crone Holden
02-06-12, 10:33

Last time I read anything about this, the answer was that there are no plans to put this information on line. ISTR, the reason given was that of identity protection/fraud etc.


Elaine ..Spain
02-06-12, 10:57
You may find that some of the local BMD websites may transcribe these in the future. For example, BathBMD (http://www.bathbmd.org.uk/) currently has marriages transcribed for 2011.

02-06-12, 11:00
Isle of Wight FHS has BMDs up to 2010.

Christine in Herts
04-06-12, 17:01
If you have a look at the latter posts on this thread, you'll get an idea of how late in date the various sites have got to:

Or you could go to http://www.ukbmd.org.uk/local_bmd and work your way through the Coverage pages on the various sites.


Loopy Linda in La La Land
04-06-12, 19:27
Thanks..off to have a look