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21-05-12, 10:37

I found this yesterday - it seems to cover lincolnshire, yorkshire and nottinghamshire. people have put up their ancestors information and you can read their findings. there are adverts which i cant seem to move but possibly this is because I havent joined the site. I found two people i was researching and was pleased to find someone else had the same conclusions.
Mods if you think this is any good please can you add it to the wiki- if not then dont.

Wakey Dave
21-05-12, 20:39
Just had a look. if you click and hold the cursor on the red line at the top of the advert you can drag it out of the way .Must have a good look at this one.

Anne in Carlisle
21-05-12, 21:19
It is a very good site for those with interests in the immediate area. Be aware that it is mainly individual family research, rather than lists of official records. Like any private research it may or may no be accurate.

I think if you pay a small sub the annoying advert will go away completely, although it is possible to get round it.

Just a reminder that another excellent Lincolnshire resource is www.lincstothepast.com this is the Lincolnshire Archives own site and many actual images of parish records can bee seen for free. It is a bit fiddly to use though!!


22-05-12, 21:28
Thanks, Angelina