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04-04-12, 14:54
Hi, I hope I am asking in the right place.
I was wondering if someone could please do a baptism look up for me at Sheffield?

Vicky the Viking
13-04-12, 17:24
Do you have an approx date & location (church) please?

I may be going there next week, but I'm afraid I won't have a lot of time to go trawling through loads of different churches. (Unless its early 20th century & Brightside/Attercliffe)

14-04-12, 01:08
Hi Vicky, Its Maltby, Most likely St Barts, the birth was registered july quarter 1919. Christiana Burgess.
If you do have time, Id would appreciate it.
Rach :-)

Vicky the Viking
15-04-12, 18:24
That should be OK.

I'll report back when I've been.

Vicky the Viking
24-04-12, 19:37
Sorry I didn't get there last week, something came up.

Will try again this week.