View Full Version : Framing old pictures etc

04-03-12, 21:47
I have several old pictures ( circa 1910 - 1940 ) and some WW1 documents that I would like to frame, it seems a pity to have them hidden away in a drawer. The documents are in archival quality protective sleeves already but the pictures are not. Is there anyway I could have them all framed without ruining them? Has anyone here attempted this?

Anne in Carlisle
07-03-12, 23:23
Best to take them to a proper framing shop and be prepared to pay for it! We have such a shop here and I always wince at the price but in fact it is well worth it. For example they framed a cross stitch sampler of mine. It cost about £65 but they did it so well - all lined up with the grain of the fabric and acid free etc. I had some postcards my son had collected framed for his Christmas present and they took such care over the arrangement of them that they made a fantastic picture.


Jill on the A272
11-03-12, 00:27
You might want to consider framing high quality scans of the photos in order to preserve the originals from light damage. I only have copies on display.

11-03-12, 01:12
Yes, Jill, that's what I'm leaning towards right now. The cost of having them professionally framed causes me to think twice; worth it but ouch!