View Full Version : Help with dating photo

17-02-12, 19:01
Can anyone please help put on date on this photo.
Also can anyone help with regard the uniform,it looks like there is the name ---BRADLEY on the cap.Also can anyone put an age to chap in photo,I'm hoping it is my great great grandfather who died in 1890 aged 47. Do you think this could be him? .He died in Derby in 1890,I have him in Derby in 1888 & in 1881 in Norfolk.In 1881 he is a railway engine driver with the GER.


Christine in Herts
18-02-12, 14:03
I can go only as far as late-ish C19th for date. Age of the subject, I was thinking forties, but then spotted the large %ge of very pale (white?) beard, and thought 50-ish.

None of that is inconsistent with the result you hoped for, but it isn't at all definitive, I'm afraid.