View Full Version : Ordering certs when unsure it's the right one

Chrissie Smiff
14-02-12, 15:45
I expect most of you already know this but I was just reminded on the lost cousins newsletter. Very useful if you only want a certificate if it has certain detail on it.

Thinking of ordering a birth. marriage, or death certificate from the General Register Office? At nearly £10 a time you wouldn't want to order the wrong certificate, yet most people take that chance without even considering the alternative.

Until March 2010 you'd be charged extra if you didn't provide the index references, but now there's no extra charge. How does the GRO know which certificate to give you? They check the information you provide, and if it doesn't match any of the register entries in a 3 year period they refund your money.

Anne in Carlisle
14-02-12, 17:18
Interesting! So you/they are saying that if you are ordering a certificate which you THINK might be wrong, even if you DO know the GRO number, just fill in all the details without the number and they'll check!!

Never thought of that one!!


Janet in Yorkshire
14-02-12, 17:30
The local offices used to have to do a full refund if the details you supplied didn't match the cert you'd ordered - and you didn't ever send the ref nos to the local office, just year & qtr, if known.

Perhaps the GRO now has to comply with the same terms as local offices?


14-02-12, 17:32
I tried one with the GRO number and it took a week to come and one without and it took three weeks.

Just be prepared for the wait.


Chrissie Smiff
14-02-12, 20:13
Yes Anne, that's what it sounds like.

The local offices still do that Jay and will even ring you up and ask you if you still want it. The only problem is that not all local offices have the service. Particularly London I believe.

Fair point June, but if you are looking for a common name a bit of patience could save you pounds.