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12-02-12, 02:16
Has anyone heard of or know anything of the Margareth Sanatorium. I believe it was in New South Wales and it was in operation in 1903.

I have a letter between two siblings and one of them was at this Sanatorium. From a couple of the letters I have read I don't believe it was for mentally insane.

Another mystery to solve!

12-02-12, 08:03
can't say i know of it. have you googled it?

12-02-12, 08:07
i guess you could email the state archives of new south wales, and ask about the facility there. they may have records, or know about the place.

Harrys mum
12-02-12, 09:07
Helen......can you put up more details about the sisters and maybe we can find an area in NSW.

Mary from Italy
12-02-12, 16:36
As you're in Oz, the quickest way to find out might be to phone or e-mail the NSW "Ask a Librarian" service:


Mary from Italy
12-02-12, 17:16
By the way, sanatoriums were usually for TB patients.