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11-02-12, 17:18
hi all can any one help please i have thomas and mary from worksop nottingham trying to find marys madian name to see which one thomas has married it might be moorhouse 1799 but stuck i have gone back as far as george clark 1814 and dont know if the siblings below are his any one through any light on this please need a lot of help to get past this stage

siblings thomas 9/1/1803
john 9/9/1804
mary 6/4/1809
george 14/3/1814 all of worksop 1828 pigots directory partnership william gregory and thomas clark malsters and corn dealers park st east gate worksop,
london history cazetter 1832 the malster was disoveld finding it hard to trace the wedding of thomas and mary her madian name and when and where thomas was born hitting a brick wall thanks dave

Uncle John
11-02-12, 18:00
Hi Tyson. Where did you get the dates from? They are all a long time before the start of civil registration in 1837 so the only records that exist for baptisms, marriages and burials are in the local parish registers. Have you actually searched parish registers or are you just guessing?

11-02-12, 18:22
hi john got date of free reg and iknow george1814 got married to sarah rich 1835 from carlton lindrick near worksop they had a mary clark as a witness geoge 1814 his parents are named as thomas and mary his occ as a malster this is were i am stuck any help is most gratefull dave

12-02-12, 10:56
The sibling Thomas was born 15/12/1802......your date is the date of Christening.(From England & Wales Christening Records on Ancestry). Still looking for any other detail. Can't see anything earlier.

12-02-12, 13:02
hi alanc ive got thomas born 15/12/1802
bab 9/1 /1803
john bab 9/9/1804 not sure about this one if he is a sibling
mary born 16/3/1809
bab 5/4/1809
george bab 14/3/1814
this is were i am stuck to find the right thomas and mary the one mary moorhouse is 1799 darlton near worksop so if correct going on the marriage age of 21 it would put thomas born about 1778 need any help any one can offer please dave

12-02-12, 13:10
DocumentRef AN/MB/231/18 Event marriage bond, Worksop, 16.1.1835 PlaceOfEvent Worksop DateOfEvent 16.1.1835
Clark, Sarah, Mrs, fl 1835 (née Rich of Carlton in Lindrick, Nottinghamshire)
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Clark, George, fl 1835 (of Worksop, Nottinghamshire)
Clark, George, fl 1835 (of Worksop, Nottinghamshire) Role groom Address England & Nottinghamshire & Worksop Age 21. Status bachelor Literacy signed
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Single Archdeaconry person record

Uncle John
13-02-12, 00:20
Tyson - the "fl" is short for "flourished" (or the Latin word of the same meaning). It means that the person was alive at that time but could have been born a long time before.

13-02-12, 11:56
hi john ive got sarh bab 21/11/1810 dau of george and elizabeth just hitting a brick wall to try find thomas clark thomas and mary moorhouse married 1799 from darlton near worksop cany any one through any light on this please dave

13-02-12, 12:36
on find my past 1851 census it shows thomas clark widowed age 70 born 1781 malt agent born ollerton nottingham sarah dau/law born 1810 widowed servant born ollerton thomas born 1838 machinist born sheffield george clark born 1844 born manchester ive got 4 thomas street salford it all ties in with what ive found just trying to find the thomas 1781 if this date is correct any help is most gratefull dave