View Full Version : Two bridesmaids for tinting please!

Joy Lewis
01-02-12, 20:31
This is another photo of my sister-in-law in 1955, together with her fellow bridesmaid. Their dresses were 'lemon organdie/organza' and they carried posies of sweet peas. Would someone be able to tint the photo with the same shade for the dresses as used for the previous pic please?

02-02-12, 11:53
One from me

Need some new glasses :confused:

Joy Lewis
02-02-12, 13:24
Roy, this is simply stunning! So beautifully done. This will sound churlish, but would it be possible to make the dresses a bit more of a lemon colour?

Joy Lewis
02-02-12, 20:00
And now it's even more beautiful. Thanks so much!