View Full Version : Improvement/possibly light colouring please?

Chrissie Smiff
04-12-11, 12:03
This isn't strictly a family tree photo but I wonder if someone could help with it please. I have had a go at brightening it up (see pic 2) but I can't sharpen up the bottom. I also wondered if it could possible be coloured lightly. The dress was a pale peach or pink with an overlay of cream lace.



alan 128
05-12-11, 19:57
Chrissie I had a try with your photo but could not get it any better than your second photo.

Chrissie Smiff
05-12-11, 20:46
Thank you very much for trying Alan :)

05-12-11, 21:12
Chrissie you need to scan the photo at a higher resolution, then maybe we can do something to improve it.

I have added a little colour to it for you, but it isn't very good as the image isn't very clear.


Chrissie Smiff
05-12-11, 22:00
Thank you very much Wendy, that's great. Unfortunately I don't think I have the actual photo.
p.s. The hair is actually long, those are wisps of it on the neck. You didn't know you were a hairdresser as well did you :D