View Full Version : First attempt. please tidy

11-11-11, 01:00
I would like this photo tidied up and in black and white. First attempt. I scanned at 600

11-11-11, 01:06
OMG. It worked!!!!!!!!! Now I hope I did everything correct so someone can give the black and white more definition. It's from a postcard sent to my grandmother in 1909 from her village friends who had emigrated to Vancouver. The message on the back was "We cannot think why you do not write to us. You will see that we have Lott F and Lottie M with us." The next year grandmother married and emigrated to Alberta. She eventually caught up with her friends in "27. The exciting thing about the postcard is that it helped sort out that line. Grandmother married these girls' cousin.!! So will check back in a bit. I'm hoping to put together a family tree book for all the great neices and nephews

11-11-11, 01:29
quick clean for you (to save right click on the image and save image as :) )

11-11-11, 01:45
Wow! and it only took me five tries to get it to save onto my computer. Thanks