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jules of the desert
08-11-11, 23:16
I have a book I would like to reunite with Hilda or her family.

It is wooden backed and measures 5" x 3 1/2" and Hilda has written her name in the front of it. The book contains a number of pages with dried flowers in and they are apparently 'Flowers of the Holy Land'. I have scanned the front, Hilda's name and another page in case anyone recognises the origin of the book. The flower pages are intact, but unfortunately front and back are detached from the spine.

My husband found it in one of the many old safes he has and had recently 'opened' (he is a safe engineer). He thinks the safe came from the Manchester area.




08-11-11, 23:28
ooh Jules, have a look at this link :smilee:


jules of the desert
08-11-11, 23:40
Thanks Julie, never thought of Googling :o. The book I have has no illustrations only dried flowers.

I'm a bit worried now that someone not really connected to the Brooks family may get in touch with a view to selling it on ebay!


08-11-11, 23:49
thing is all you are wanting to do is reunite it with any possible family members, not sure that 'whoever' would pretend just to get their hands on it. ? from what I can gather they were quite a common thing and folks bought them back from the holy land as souvenirs, don't think i'd worry about it too much. tbh